Tuned In and Drop Out

Tuned In and Drop Out

Let me start by saying this is going to be a quick article on the Tuned in Festival that happened Sunday in Milton. I could only make it for a few bands, so my interpretation of the day will be off. I got there just as the Pink Leather Jackets were getting on and like I have seen in the past, they did a great job, and I believe they are only getting better every time I see them

I was there from about 5pm until about 8:30 pm and the best way I could describe the events, was both the bands and the audience felt a lot of joy because they were getting a lot of fresh energy of hearing live music again. The bands all seemed really fresh and ready to rock their butts off. It was a time of jamming and trying a few new stage moves.

I felt like we were one lucky crowd, because we were witnessing the renewal and growth of all these bands. They had a year and a half to come up with some new material as well as a stronger swagger on the stage. The bands I saw had a Neo-Punk edge to them and they were really pushing hard to keep the crowd excited and happy.

Thanks to Tuned In Fest for putting this on and I hope to come back next year and stay the entire day. With no further ado, here are a lot of great photos of the bands I did get to witness.

1. Pink Leather Jackets –

Here are a few images of the Pink Leather Jackets:


2. Queens and Kings –

Here are a few images of the Queens and Kings:


3. Lucid Smog Disorder –

Here are a few images of the Lucid Smog Disorder:


4. Wasted Time –

Here are a few images of the Wasted Time:

And let’s not forget who put on this Rockin’ Show! https://www.facebook.com/DropoutEntertainment

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