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“The idea of Blast Toronto started off as a joke between myself and my friends. With soaring ticket prices, I said I was going to start my own magazine to get into concerts for free. As I began photographing shows as a professional photographer and then meeting the musicians afterwards, something happened…

From the level of appreciation I was receiving from the bands, fans, and even some of the clubs, I knew I was getting myself into something extraordinary. My passion for music grew exponentially. My drive to connect music to the rest of Toronto hit a fever pitch and I knew I had to explore this way of creating a new community that our city could be proud of.”

Joe Taylor

Founder of Blast Toronto

Blast Toronto is the region’s only all-encompassing online music magazine building a community of artists, creators, listeners, and more who value the connection that music and art brings to the world. From open mics to concert halls to underground shows, from album releases to streaming parties, we cover it all.

Blast isn’t only a word to us. It stands for Building Legions and Sonic Triumphs, and it represents the impact music has had on us. Music is a personal diary for everybody, whether it is a young band that you are following or a large band that has that song that means everything to you. Music has no bounds when it enters your soul.

Blast was started in 2016 by Joe Taylor – better known as Jojo – who has been captivated by music since childhood and realized sound has its own special energy. It is not the genre of a particular music that gives it power to us, but the actual sound itself. If your soul gets it, it really gets it. 

Mission & Vision

Blast Toronto is working to be a focal point for anyone who is a music lover.

It was after the COVID lockdowns of 2020 that Jojo decided to transform Blast Toronto from a passion project into a vital part of the Toronto music scene. Dubbed “BLAST 2.0”, Jojo, Sylvan, and newcomer Lawrence are transforming Blast into a vital component of the Toronto music scene.

Starting with a site refresh, we’ll be revamping the venue directory and opening the events calendar for submissions. All our previous reviews, interviews, and other articles are still available, and all your comments should be transferred. If you notice any issues or broken links, please reach out via our Instagram or Facebook page, or email us at admin@blasttoronto.com.

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