Hope at Lee/Lifeson Park

David and Jacob

Written by Joe Taylor

September 04, 2021

That is how the evening began, With David Barrett grabbing an acoustic guitar and gently starting the show with his piece called “Hope”. David promised us the show will only get better, but if you know his talent, you will know how true that statement is.

David slowly progressed through some wonderful acoustic pieces from his many albums from the past, and even showcased his latest offering called “New Saugeen”, that should have been his premiere right when Covid hit us. So his new live material was only a year and a half late, but well received.

He began to rev up his juice as he went into plenty of medley material, so if you have a good ear, you would have heard the likes of, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, just to name a few. He also did a fine medley from Rush’s first three albums. I was hoping he would play Bankok, NAH, he never plays Bankok! We will have to wait until he does a medley from albums 4,5,6.

Here are a few images of David Barrett:

Next up was Jacob Moon. He began his set from some of his personal songs from the last 20 years. They were intimate and heartfelt. He seems to write about life’s little struggles and to create a new perception to grow from those experiences.

Then Jacob decided to really please the crowd as he slipped into a series of deep cuts for us Prog fans. Songs like, That’s all- Genesis, Here comes the flood-Peter Gabriel, Kayleigh- Marillion, – Syncronicity 2-Police.

He gave us a double dipping of Peter Gabriel- In your Eyes, when these two progheads from the back helped out with the whoa,whoa part of the song. He finally got around to the song that would adhere him to the progressive rock scene. Jacob does a truly original version of Subdivisions with Neil Peart’s voice on a recorder.

Here are a few images of Jacob Moon:

The evening ended with both David and Jacob together. They went into an original song done by Jacob and the Dave Barrett trio. They also did two Rush songs, “Time stands Still”, which resonates our reality through these times, and New World Man which can bring us into this new future. But the crowd wasn’t done with them yet as they screamed for more songs, hoping for a 20 minute epic or something like that. They filled our desires with Genesis’- “Follow you, follow me”. In my opinion about the evening, I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Follow David Barrett at https://www.facebook.com/DavidBarrettGuitar

Follow Jacob Moon at https://www.facebook.com/jacobmoonmusic

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