Toronto’s Newest Crooner

Toronto’s Newest Crooner

I had the chance to witness a 15 year old crooner play a place called The Tapestry. He was tall debonair young man and had a low silky sound that caught everyone’s attention. His name is Sean and he opened his set with you make me feel young.I don’t remember the order of the song, but they were all great classics like Mack the knife, Ring of Fire, I can’t help, falling in love with you.

The audience was extremely attentive and sat on every note Sean was singing. He went through all the crooner classic’ like What a wonderful world, and New York New York.  I looked around at the quiet audience to see when they would smile. When Sean pulled out Yesterday by The Beatles, the room lit up with nostalgia. They even had fun when he did another Beatle song I saw her standing there. His voice was raw with energy, just like the Beatles used to do.

He had an hour set list to fill and pulled it off in 45 minutes. He had finished with My way, But it wasn’t enough. He looked dumfounded as to what to do next. The audience wanted more and Sean delivered by pulling a song off his phone. He thanked the audience the venue and went into a roaring edition of Heartbreak Hotel. He had never done this song before, but you would never know it.

He thanked his audience once again, and some ladies came to him to find out more about him. The first question seemed to be, how old you are. He would answer 15, and the ladies stood in awe at this young singer. I think the men got a little jealous as I watched them leave the show a little early.

I talked to Sean after the show and he had some great ideas for the future. He may produce an EP to give to some of the audience members, but I think they may have to do something to make the show more memorable. This is early in the works.

I believe this young man may create way of making music for everyone around him, and I think he can grab every generation to follow. I just don’t know where his creativity will go next.

Here are some images of Sean:

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