Palaye Royale Puts Together A Commanding Show

Palaye Royale

Written by Joe Taylor

November 23, 2018

The Opera was packed with teenagers and some parents to witness the circus of four hard rocking acts. The parents were there to be a chauffeur to the young ones, because it was a school night. This night belonged to the free spirited young who needed to see some heroes hit the stage. What I loved about this gathering was that each band came from different areas on this globe. We had a band from Southern Florida, Los Angeles Cali, and London England and from Las Vegas Nevada. I don’t know how the four of them got together, but I was impressed in today’s world, barriers really don’t exist and the fact that they all seemed to be fans of each other.

With that said, the first band on was The Haunt, a brother and sister collaboration that got the party started. They warmed up the chilly crowd with their presence of a mix of Rock and Goth. The crowd woke up and had fun with the first band, which is usually reserved for the later bands, but these manacled rockers seem to bond this crowd a little tighter. Their imagery was backlit and mysterious and they held a level of confidence that bought them some new fans.

Here are some pics of The Haunt:

Dead Posey was on next and there was nothing dead about these guys. They came out hard and screaming with energy that ramped up the crowd to the next level. Daynell Sousa worked the stage like a marathon runner works the street. Songs like, “Don’t stop the Devil”, stomps all over you and you just let it happen with painful joy. “Freak Show”, is an anthem that celebrates the wild child that lives inside of you. Dead Posey finished off their recruitment rock with, “Holy Grail”. It is another head spinner that puts you under its spell and takes you higher.

Here are some pics of Dead Posey:

We now move over the UK sound and Bones hit the stage in a strange fashion. The singer sang the first song with her back to the audience. I wasn’t sure if this was a snub towards the audience or was Rosie Bones trying some new stage technique. It didn’t really matter because soon after that a bra was thrown at her with a sense of surprise. It was the first bra to be tossed at her. Toronto, I am proud of you for keeping the spirit alive in this city. Rosie went into a familiar song claiming the inner oddity in you, because, “Beautiful is boring”. The first and only cover song was played next, and it was a good one to hear because we are Canadians after all. It was David Bowie’s, “I’m afraid of Americans”. They were coming to a close when Rosie went into a story about Camden UK. It started off as a drinking story and evolved into a conversation with another guitar player was trying to prove his point that men were naturally better guitar players. Well this didn’t go over so well, so Rosie went into a heavy blues riff and played, “Girls can’t play guitar”. They kept the audience rocking and let us know at the end of their set, that we have just been Boned!

Here are some pics of Rosie Bones:

Before the show, I watched a video on Palaye Royale and was not too impressed with them, but since the first three bands rocked our faces off, I would give them a try. I am so glad I did, because the energy level of this band was so high, I thought they were going to burst into flames. If you want to hang out with a bunch of screaming teenage girl, go to see this band and you may get a date out of it. As crazy as they were on stage they carried a certain amount of humility. They conveyed that they love Toronto, since they come from Las Vegas. The reminisced about the times they played Sneaky Dee’s and the Mod Club. Now they were at the Opera House and were beginning to play with the big boys.

They went into a bunch of new songs that had interesting titles like, “Masochist”, “Fucking with my head”, and “Hospital bed”. Their stage antics were a lot of fun to watch, especially when guitarist, Sebastian Danzig climbed the speaker to rock out and have a little fun. Singer, Remington Leith even brought his mother out on stage while the audience sang Happy Birthday to her. She even got a cake, and I am sure she ate it too. Another interesting moment is when Canada was recognized for legalizing weed. So what does this band do, but go into another new song called, “Get Higher”. Well the crowd got higher as they were jumping like pogo sticks to this boisterous song.

Here are some pics of Palaye Royale:

The evening couldn’t have gone better, because we had four very confident bands playing together on this tour. I am sure the after party antics will keep these guys growing as artist for a long time coming. As an older dude; would I see Palaye Royale again? Hell Yeah!

To get more information on these rising stars check out their websites.

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