Toronto got Mooched!

Toronto got Mooched!


What happens when Toronto starts a long weekend and gets mooched by a bunch of stoners? Now that is a question you don’t hear every day. I will try to answer it in my own way. If you left the big smoke to go up north for the first time this year you missed out on four bands that kept the big smoke in the city. We are talking about four bands that were brought together by the very talented promotion team of Black Throne Productions.

First up we had On the Verge, hitting the stage. The night began as if some slow beast was rising out of the primordial ooze and dripped its way all over the room. If you are person with only a few brain cells, this band stomped them out immediately. They kept it dark and gunky throughout their set. They began to try out some new material because they are looking to grow as  an original band. I saw them once before and they were throwing in song cover songs into their sets. I spoke with the drummer after the show and he shared with me that they have come up with a new direction and would like to pursue it. I don’t know if I should let the cat out of the bag, because I think this new direction will begin to separate them from all the other stoner acts out there. I will just leave it in their creative minds and see how it will loom. This band is from Toronto

Here are some images of On the Verge:

If you are not familiar with the next act, you should be, if you like a little twist in your pot drenched mind. Familiars is the band’s name, and their opening number really got me excited.  They ‘re opening song had something to do with God Willing, but the song had such a sense of hopelessness it was like two very black eyes that just constantly stared into the abyss. They even pulled out a drinking song at a stoner show. These cowboys had a country twist to their hopheaded sound. When you begin singing songs about Bigfoot you know you are far deep into the woods of dark Mother Nature. There were moments when they had a Tragically Hip sound to them, expect with a severe hangover. It was like New Orleans was sinking and then it drowned… This Band is from London.

Here are some images of Familiars:

AAWKS went on next to tremendous applause. This band is big, slow and fuzzy. They come with a ton of gloom. They sounded clunky as if you were being dragged into the basement from an Evil Dead movie. It was thoughtful and menacing and it howled with satisfaction because this audience was eating up every note like a hot baked pizza. I particularly liked the drummer. This was the only female amongst all the other males in all the bands. She really stood out, not because of her playing but she somehow reminded me of Jan Brady with seriously deep daddy issues. She could pound the crap out of the drumkit and look like she was having the time of her life. This band hails from Barrie.

Here are some images of AAWKS:

As a side note before I finish. I must add that I was a little disappointed at the fact that between sets, I would go out to breathe in the warm air that was sinking in this season. The atmosphere was not heavily drenched in perfumed aroma of Mary Jane. This was to be a mini festival of some of the best stoner bands around.

Anyway, it didn’t really matter because the headliner got us off with their heavy 70’s style groove. The Band is Mooch, but they did not take from us. In fact, they gave us their all. It started it with what felt like the Allman Brothers Whipping Post and soon developed into a full blown out jam session. This is what made the 70’s a fertile period, heavy riffs a directionless path to see where we are going and an adventurous spirit to boldly go to where the smoke takes you. I was watching the Bass player as he was delving into some funky groves, and for short moment in there I could hear some inspirational moments of Chris Squire from Yes in there.

They were in Toronto to promote their new release called; “Visions” It is a very sludgy production that had a grungy twist to it. Maybe they should change their name to Pearl Jammed or maybe Alice in Barbed Wire. Then when they went into their slower material, it was like you just inhaled a megadose of wheelchair weed. They really slowed down time.  In fact, the mellower stuff could really calm the cerebral nerves and transcend you in a realm of escapism.  This band is from Montreal.

Here are some images of Mooch:

This is the reason why I mentioned the talents of Black Throne Productions at the beginning of this piece. Toronto got to witness four distinct bands with a shared goal in mind. They come from four very separate places and they all got together to share their passion for a grateful audience in the heart of downtown Toronto. As a side note, Black Throne is putting on a Festival June 14-15 in all places Stony Creek! Get the pun? I will share more of that festival with you in the near future. Go to their Facebook page and learn more about this event.

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