The many shades of Revcall

The many shades of Revcall

Sitting in a cozy little coffee shop with the husky bearded redneck named Norm, I was waiting to see a pie-eyed pirate waiting to order a stiff drink. Instead, I got to see many sides of this man as well as learn more about his Southern fried Rock outfit called Revcall. This is a band that comes from the little known town of Stouffville and is mashing whiskey in our face here in Toronto. Here is just a snippet of our conversation.

Blast- Let’s start with the obvious, where did you come up with the name Revcall?

Norm- This is the most asked question of Revcall. I read a book about Jack Daniel’s and he was adopted by a gentleman named Reverend Daniel Call and was intrigued with this character because he sold Jack Daniel’s his distillery. We could have been Dancall, but it sounded like Danko Jones, so we went with Revcall for my lifelong love of Jack Daniel’s.

Blast- With that said; throw out a Jack Daniel’s story.

Norm- On a sobering note, my first cousin was taken very early in a drunk driving accident. She was not the one who was impaired and she lost her life to a pretty sad individual. It was a total waste to society, because she was pretty awesome, an amazing beautiful soul. That was our thing, Jack, and she could sling them back. Her nickname was the blonde bomber, always had a pair of gobbler boots and could stand toe to toe and throw back number 7 with me. Jack is very close to my heart because of that.

Blast- What are the origins of the bands?

Norm- I played in a couple of bands and then went solo for awhile then wanted to be in a band again, so I hooked up with a friend and wanted to create music like the Eagles, nice harmonies, country rock.  Then Alex, who had been a lifetime friend even though we came from two sides of the music world, me being more classic rock and country and Alex who loved Metal and very technical stuff. I called him out and he turned that country rock sound in a heavy southern rock sound. It was stuff I love because I grew up on Skynrd, the Doors and ZZ Top, and I am obsessed with the new world stuff like Blackberry Smoke, Bishop Gun and Lucas Nelson.

Then Jay and I met through a common friend who was a neighbor. He tried me out for his band, but it didn’t work out because they were looking for someone who could do Maiden, Sabbath and Motorhead. I stayed in touch with Jay on Facebook and asked him to do some gigs with us. He was so happy because the other band only did one gig a year and we were gigging a lot.

My Brother who was a ski bum out in Whistler and even though we are family we had very different musical taste, when I asked him if would play bass, he immediately said Yeah! Now this guy is a great guitar player and could go toe to toe with just about anybody. We are grateful that he is our bass player now.

Blast- How long has this Revcall been gigging?

Norm- This Revcall 2.0 is about two years old now. We used to gig around Ontario, like Midhurst, and Brampton and Markham and Kingston, all over.

Blast-If you had a choice to be in the opening slot for a band who would that be for?

Norm- We would really love with the energy with the Sheepdogs. I think Monster Truck would be fun. I think for a smart move the Glorious Sons would be perfect. They are around our age and I really jive with their words. If I had a dream band to open for, it would be the Cult. Also I would love to open for Blackberry Smoke. A lot of our fans are disciples of them and they travel around and see them. That would be really fun.

We went on and talked about how, if you love what you do and you keep putting it out there every time, the journey will constantly morph into something special. It should be about creating the dream and the right people will show up, or the right opportunity will show up. I was reminded of Bob Marley’s attitude. They asked him if he was a rich man, and he replied, do you mean do I have material goods or do I have love in my heart? My richness comes from within.

Blast- Tell us about your up and coming show.

Norm- It is happening at the Horseshoe Tavern on May 31st. We have two buses leaving Stouffville called the Circus Bus, with arcade games and laser lights and this is part of the experience we want to give to our fans in Stouffville. We will probably lose money doing this but it’s a great story that people will be talking about for years to come. We want to give our fans something memorable. We even created a great relationship with Circus bus even before the event. Well, maybe they won’t like us after…Hahaha…

Blast- After this event what is in store for Revcall next?

Norm- I am going to hook up with our Junior A team in Stoffville and put together an intro song for them. The Flatliners did it with the Sharks, there are a couple of other bands that have done it for their team. My little guy is really into this kind of thing and I think this just a really fun thing to do. Stouffville supports us and backs us and this is just something I want to do for them.

We are cutting a song called Silver Men which is about the Horseshoe and the Leafs. We will premiere that at the Horseshoe. It will be part of a new EP called Blood,Sweat and Beers. We have the songs, we just need to go in and do all the production now. I hope we can get Rui in to help us. (For your information, Rui is the lead guitarist for one of Toronto best bands, Mute Sounds). This guy has a phenomenal ear and I love his production value.

Now Blast just got an exclusive, because this is the first time Norm has uttered this idea out loud. He is thinking of putting his guitar down and really work it as a front man leading the charge. My goal for Revcall, is that if we are going to keep going with this and we take this very seriously, I want us to be the best possible version of us out there. I can be honest with myself, I am a terrible guitar player and there is a possibility of an addition to the lineup.

Here are 3 reasons you should go see Revcall.

  1. If you love Hard Southern Rock, Go see them.
  2. If you love to party your ass off, Go see them
  3. If you are free Friday May 31st, go see them. There is no excuse for you. People are coming all the way down from Stouffville for this party, show them a good time!

Here is the link to get your tickets to the show-

Here are some images of Revcall:

Cover photo of Norm is Courtesy of:
Quality Optical
245 Danforth Ave, just east of Broadview

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