Dirty Roosters set the place aflame!

Dirty Roosters set the place aflame!

I think most Saturdays are meant for people to get their chores done or go shopping for groceries and other routines like that. If you are one of those people that would like to break out of that routine for awhile, may I suggest going out during the afternoon and seeing some live music. Well that is happening at a place where the beer is really good and the music lets you escape for a while.

I walked into the Goldenfield brewery just after 3pm to a very powerful voice. I could hear this woman all the way from the parking lot. Her name is Gail Gunnis and she heads a group of Dirty Roosters. She is not the farmer’s daughter, this is a blues band that is simply out to entertain you and fill you up with some blues that have an R&B twist to it. All I know was listening to a song about a chainsaw and apparently is was a song originally done by Aretha Franklin. As I was settling in to the groove of the music, I noticed they had two saxophone players. It seemed a little odd, even though they looked like two kids playing in a sandbox. I soon learned that the band invited their friend, the Juno award winning musician Pat Carey from the band Downchild to sit in and have some fun with them. Well the real treat was the audience who showed up and received this beautiful bonus. Pat Carey was also the producer of Gail Gunnis and the Dirty Roosters debut CD, which you could find at their shows.

This band filled the room up with all the blues that you came to love, like Kansas City, Chain of Fools and really woke the crowd up with, I can’t stand the rain. Personally the magic came when they did an extended version of, Got my Mojo working.  The drummer, Bob Vezpasene who was playing with just brushes really hammered his way through that song with passion and precision, which kept the rest of the band on their toes. Fabio Parovel was cool and collected on his guitar as he sat in the background and let the saxophones players do the real work. The other sax player is Paull Kidd who has been with the band for about ten years and looks like a gentle giant as his fiery skills put his sizzle in this place. This just added to more beer sales that afternoon. There was another cool surprise as we saw Micheal Theodore play his two leveled keyboards with that classic Hammond sound that makes the 60’s blues really come alive. Michael can usually be seen playing bass with Paul James. This is truly a talented musician that should be treasured here in Toronto.

There was another surprising thing I found out about this band. The singer Gail Gunnis let me in on a little secret. She knew at a very early age she had the drive to sing for a living. It is clear that this woman has a great voice, but she didn’t hit the stage until she was forty. This is a good message to people out there thinking they should not pursue their dreams because of their age. It is never too late, and when you do follow your spirit, you will never feel disappointed. You will only feel that way if you don’t give it a shot.

So I learned a couple of good lessons that afternoon. Follow your dreams, you just can’t lose, and break your routine because moments like this can truly happen when you decide to look at life a little differently.

Here are some images of Gail Gunnis:

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