Things do go Bump into the night

Night Chill

Written by Joe Taylor

October 23, 2023

Halloween season is creeping upon us and it threw up at the Super Wonder Gallery with the arrival of Night Chill. When you walk in, the atmosphere was filled with ghoulish delights. The freak show was gearing up to be a ritual in everything strange.

The Band Night Chill entered stage right as if it were a funeral procession for a forgotten soul and began its bloody torment on some virgin ears.  With their sensational spookiness slithering in the sewer of your sludgy serpentine Cerebellum, Night Chill continually celebrates catastrophic combinations of hair raising and spine tingling sensitivities that shatter the illusions of your delusions.

With their stage presence firmly etched in the graves of the Addams Family and the Munsters, these fantastic four family members forever haunt your reality with a steady and stern sonic vibration that veers off into your broken psyche and plays with dolls without bodies. It’s like receiving a dozen freshly cut roses with the bulbs guillotined.

The tight room filled with misfits, monsters and malevolent beings didn’t seem to mind as they grinded away the night like a sausage filled with the blood of a near and dear one. How family oriented is this band? My favourite person in the audience was a guy dressed as Billy Van’s- The Count from the Hilarious house of Frightenstein. I just wished Brucie the Monster was there.

The evening got even creepier as a contortionist flayed his limbs about like a Ragdoll ready for a mud bath. His ability to squirm and writhe wiggled into your eye sockets and you could never unsee that again. He delighted knowing that fact that his fat didn’t exist but his fanny was the hit of the undead night. This was a ballroom for Cabaret Monsters that hide behind shiny curtains. Even the DJ was spinning very obscure tunes that fit these walls like a latex glove ready for surgery on your tortured soul.

As a side note, the basement of the Super Wonder Gallery contains a various gallery of ghoulish Pop Art that will delight as it makes your eyes bleed as you seep your soul into each and every dazed and deadened piece of creepwork that calls out to you like an old lover from the grave.

Lastly, Night Chill is a pretty young band, and they have a lot of room to grow into a truly monstrous act. This is a party you want to continue to attend, because you never knows what goes bump into the night…

Here are a few images of Night Chill:

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