Matt Goodluck – Inner Cosmos

Matt Goodluck – Inner Cosmos

Here is another fine example of Cosmic awareness. Let’s start off by saying, if you enjoy music by Tangerine Dream or Mike Oldfield, I will urge you to read on. Matt Goodluck is an Australian artist who is in a very successful Pink Floyd Tribute band called Echoes of Pink Floyd Australia.  He transforms his psychedelic mind into an intellectual journey for people seeking a more profound experience of their existence. Inner cosmos takes you on a personal journey to explore the reaches of your mind. This recording is highly consistent and gently meanders through thought patterns and personal experiences. It is vast enough to bring you to the universal movie screen of your imagination.

In this case we begin with-“Arrival”, simply a cosmic opening for you to step into. “Devolution”, sends you into a slow decent into a pensive hibernation and continues into the next chapter called- “Dreaming”. This is a gentle hearted scoop of ice cream that comes with sprinkles.

Matt has an almost flawless way of transitioning from one chapter to the next. He takes us to the outer edges of space in – “Outer Limits”, and brings us back home with a new state of consciousness with- “Interstellar”.  Matt slips into more earthy topics with chapters like “Rated R” and “Conspiracy”. Conspiracy contains spoken words about the dangers of Government and drug use. I think every great New Age record should contain this kind of attitude.

 I have listened to these kind of recording before and sometimes they can sound very cliché. Matt may keep the subjects fairly simplistic, but he never gets cliché with his intentions. I hope the next time he throws in a spoken word section; he uses a guy like Allan Watts as narrator. I think that could add a depth to the purpose of his ideas.

This middle section of the journey takes on quite a ride with- “Night of Anubis” dealing with the slow torturous draining of zombie-like energy, and then being cleansed by the washing of the water with- “Into the Blue”, only to find yourself in the underwater world of – “Atlantis”.

“Emergent”, feels like a slow and massive cosmic wave that becomes the new birth or maybe rebirth of a gentle and peaceful phoenix. The transitional chapter called- “Neon was not as colourful as I thought it was going to be, but maybe it is a prelude to – “Deckard’s Requiem”. The only question I have with this chapter is; Do androids dream of electric sheep?

 Finally we climb aboard- “Voyager”, a vessel so very still, I don’t think was meant to be an outward journey, but an inward pilgrimage to continue the discovery of personal awareness as you explore your inner cosmos.

If you are a Cosmic explorer, you can find this CD at –

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