4play at the Bovine Sex Club!

4play at the Bovine Sex Club!

Are you gearing up for Halloween? Well the Toronto nightlife is and it showed up at the Bovine Sex Club. It was a night of loud darkness that came seeping through many souls who were in need of a good haunting. The place packed up with a variety of characters ready to scare you into an early grave.

The Andriod Meme entered onto the stage with their Industrial War paint and proceeded to annihilate us one by one like the BORG. They were here to assimilate everyone. There music is cold, calculated and inhuman. If they had a love song, there would be removable dangerous parts as a robotic voice calculated sweet nothing in your bleeding ears. Speaking of voice, the singer has strong clean vocals that numb your soul as he projects his brutal attack on your fleshy senses.

They did a song called “I love Berlin”, that comes off as a mechanized psychedelic song. This was clearly the winner for me. There industrialized hard rock sound would be similar to a White Zombie vibe. This band really knows how to hit their mark. I think if they added a little seasoning; they would ingest fan loyalty much more efficiently.

Here are some images of Android Meme:

Byrdy crept onto the stage next and immediately pounced on the audience with their version of rhapsodic expressiveness. They belong to a growing vein of melodic symphonic sounds, like bands similar to Nightwish. You will catch the guitar player creating a new sound for solos. I can only describe it like listening to a melodic video game. It was smooth and flawless and you can almost feel your brain jumping around like the Legend of Zelda. In the middle of the set, they did a cover of Kate Bush’s- “Running up that hill”. This moment is worth the price of admission. They finished with a song called “Misery”. It was both Dramatic and depressingly good. This is one of those acts you need to see before they find a bigger audience. You will have those bragging rights saying- I remember when I use to see them at this small club.

Here are some images of Byrdy:

The next band to enter the arena was Frail Fragment. The opening sound was fuzzy and had all the quality of stoner rock! It was fuzzier than a peach on crack. It was hard not to stare at the drummer, because he provided half the show with his flailing limbs and Jim Carrey facial expressions while pounding the drums like he was making schnitzel. These guys were all about the doom add a little gloom and throw away any glitter. Their sound got pretty messy. It was like being in a spaghetti fight. They finished the evening off with a pretty epic tune called PMS, and that is when it slipped out of control and instrument went bashing around the stage as they left looking battle weary.

Here are some images of Frail Fragment:

Lastly, as the crowd was feeling the pain, Star Beast walked on and began to own the stage immediately.. They are a straight hard rock outfit with some fuzzy tones as well. They grabbed that stage like a pack of veterans as they proved to be a band to be taken seriously. Each member brought something different for us to watch and enjoy, The Bass player was front and center with his fiendish rock moves. He stomps around like a coiled up quadruped ready for attack. The Drummer simply went ape, as he was dressed as half a gorilla. The guitar player looked like a handsome version of PeeWee Herman. The lead singer looked like he was raised on indy music, like Lowest of the low or Sloan. His contrary vocal style really threw in a dimension of sound that seem to carve itself away from the pounding hard rock beat the band was working so hard to achieve. Their song “Starlight” had a solid groove from the 70’s and “Stay”, also kept the groove strong. I don’t know how long this band has been together but they looked liked they have been honing their stage craft for a while.

Here are some images of Star Beast:

Well there you have it, the Bovine sex club with a little four play before Halloween. What treat will they give us on the 31st!

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