The Sun Rises on Solarus again!


Written by Joe Taylor

November 16, 2021

Now that we are climbing back into live music, I urge you to start seeing bands again. Any band, support the live music everywhere. I start my little review this way today, because I just witnessed, quite possibly the happiest bands on stage in a very long while. Solarus gets a 10/10, a gold star, even a trophy for being the most enthusiastic band to hit the stage. It has been two years since they have graced a stage and they were pumped to have fun again. The level of excited energy, the biggest smiles and the joy of playing live filled the Rockpile so well, that people went from sitting down having a drink to making their way to the stage and rocking out once again. This truly felt like a celebration as the band gave it everything they had to show the crowd a good time. It was reciprocated with raw emotion coming back from the audience as they were witnessing a great Metal Happening.

The first three songs just plowed their way through the audience with the power of a locomotive. Heads were banging, fists were pumping, every guitar pose was being thrown out there and the singer Sarah Dee could not stop flashing her big beautiful smile all evening. Things got serious when they slowed things down when they did “Holding On”. The band simply sat down while a recorded keyboard filled the room with a haunted melody and Sarah sang with pure devotion to a fallen friend. It was a very emotional moment and quite somber.

The band rose and went into their brand new song, “Guiding Light”. This song absolutely soars and put the crowd in a very exultant mood. Another new song “Dance with Tragedy”, hit you with a ton of bricks. They continued with a tornado like stamina and the true fans stayed up front to sing along, while the new fans continued to admire what they were witnessing. The encore song, “Arrival”, was an absolute Monster that capped this evening off perfectly. Metalheads, if you are into bands like Nightwish, like I am, you are going to want to venture out and see these guys when they are playing around town. From my understanding this is going to happen often around Southern Ontario.

Here are some images of Solarus:

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