The Mono- Wails!

The Mono- Wails!

There is a new space in Toronto to do fun activities. It is called the Bentway. It lies under the Gardiner just east of the CNE. I went skating there in the winter and now in summer, it hosted The Monowhales. They came out with their love letter to Toronto, “Home”.

The energy just grew from there as they went into a stellar pop routine. The crowd was a little hesitant but Sally Shaar encouraged, the audience to come closer to the stage. As we got closer it truly felt we were at a great party. I believe this is one of the main messages the Monowhales want to great across. Music and life should be celebrated. Sally invited people to come right to the stage and have a sing along with her.

The one thing I enjoyed about this performance is the fact that you had every generation representing fun sounds. I saw little children as well as elderly people dancing around and enjoying life. I think this band is getting their message across.

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Here are some pics from the Monowhales performance:

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