Devouring Saturn, Of Dark

Devouring Saturn, Of Dark

Well here it is the next chapter of this enigmatic band. “Of Dark”, is the other side of their first recording, “Of Light”. This four song EP is filled with the energy of a freight train hitting you and they were never going to try and stop. The initial flavor I tasted was, if Dream Theater had Joe Satriani as lead guitarist, this would be close to that sound. It is driven very hard, but has enough twist and turns to keep your full focus.

The opening piece, “Mechanism”, will reel you in like a small fish attached to a big hook. It has a monstrous presence, and technical fortitude that their execution has a nice brilliance to it. The next piece is, “Projector of Reality”. This one has a great balance of lying between Progressive and Death Metal. It assaults your psyche and you can have a euphoric feeling of a beautiful migraine. I personally love the short little stoner piece near the end.

My personal favourite is the piece called, “Belly of the Beast”.  This one truly feels like you have just gotten swallowed by Moby Dick. The guitarist churns you around mentally like you are swimming in a perfect storm in the middle of the ocean. The forth and last piece on this EP is, “Axis Mundi”. It is a very highly controlled exercise, but at the same time there seems to be some mood swings. It has both a feeling Bi-Polar and being in the boxing ring with Mohammed Ali.

Overall, to all you Metal fans or fans of shredding, this EP should be part of your collection. Each song seems to come from some kind of spiritual journey and the starting point usually is not so positive. It is a fun ride but also challenging, because it will wake up your senses to grasp for something just beyond you.

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