Sugar Rush at the CNE

Sugar Rush at the CNE

It is a great summer night and if you were riding some great rides at the EX, you would want to take a break and see some awesome music provided you by both Crown Lands and Big Sugar. Crown Lands came on stage like two wailing banshees. Kevin Comeau did what he does best, flipping his hair and wailing on guitar. Cody J.R. Bowles was a monster on his drum kit as he howled his unique vocals.

They play most of the first EP, Mantra and slipped in some new material. They are working on a new CD that is being produced by the incredible Terry Brown. This was the guy that helped solidify Rush back I n the 70’s. Crown Lands even pleased the crowd with a Rush song, by doing Working Man.

Here are a few pics from Crown Lands’ performance:

Big sugar hit the stage and was ready to rock your ears off. If you have never seen Big Sugar, get some ear plugs and then enjoy the show. They like to turn it up to 11! Gordie Johnson guitar work seems to only to get better with age. They went into their entire history of recordings. Some of the highlights were, “Turn your lights on”, and “Digging a Hole”.

Big Sugar did not stop there, they even paid homage to a fellow member who passed away a few years back. His name was Garry Lowe and he really did give this band an original vibe. His son was invited on to pay tribute to his father.

Here are a few pics from Big Sugar’s performance:

The show was nearing the end when all of a sudden; Kevin Comeau can back on stage to have a little guitar battle with Gordie. Gordie was very gracious by letting Kevin have a rocking good time. This was one of those shows where both bands totally complimented each other. I saw the energy of Crown Lands rising, because they are taking their talent to a bigger audience and are having a blast as they do that.

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