The Hello Darlin’s – Into the Sundust

The Hello Darlin’s – Into the Sundust

The Hello Darlin’s are a soft Country Band with a warm and organic sound that will soothe your stress away. You can tell by its opening number-“Lay Down Low”. It is gentle and sweet and seems to literally lay beside you for comfort. This can be the soundtrack to cottage living as you float on down its last river.

The next song was a bit of a mystery to me, because I have no idea where Highway 355 is or if it really exists. I asked the band to clarify this and this is what they wrote back. “Highway 355 is about visiting a familiar place that feels like home. It’s about a place you can visit in your memories, even if the landscape has changed or the people have changed – it’s a place that still feels the same in your mind. For me, that place is a highway in Saskatchewan where I grew up – with a little farmhouse and many warm summer memories with my Grandmother who is now 96 years old,” said Candace Lacina.

The Third song-“Better days is  sung by Dave Fenley, whose unique vocal style has a lovely Gospel and soul feel to it. This one is filled with longing, hope and renewal. I particularly enjoy the small organ break. It reminds me of Garth Hudson from the Band.

“Do it up right”, does it up right with its steady beat. It feels like they are filling up your tank and getting you ready to take it to the streets! Its slow burning momentum will just have you ready for anything that may come your way.

The band asked the universal question- “What is a broken heart for?” Well no spoil alerts here, you will just have to listen to this and figure it out for yourself.

“Julianne” is a song about a powerful person that people look up to. The perspective from a small passive voice really adds to the visual of the song. It is built on warmth and compassion.

The Band finishes of with- “Hallelujah bravery”, it has a lovely romance for life. It is a soft and lovely dedication that takes your experience and uplifts them into a slow radiating gratitude. This is the song you will spin at the end of your hard day, often…

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