A Pile Driver from Vile Driver!

VIle Driver

Written by Joe Taylor

May 03, 2023

Vile Driver came to the Tail of the Junction to show off their latest monster called The Rest are Prey. They also brought along 3 extreme Metal bands to make this party a night not to forget. The crowd showed up early to see all four acts drop nuclear bombs on all of our heads.

Heavybreather stated the night off well with just two guys on Guitar and drums. It was like get hit in the face with a Thrash can to the teeth. They were like a machine gun with legs, as they sprayed the audience full of soul sucking holes. I particularly like the brutal beard of death on double bass drum. The singer was a lecherous long haired leech that sucked the life from your mortal soul.

The second band up was Crème Flesh with their twisted sense of humor, mostly to do with sex and violence. They have great titles for their songs like, From Russia with aids and Shredded artery slumber party and a song inspired by the Coen Brothers which I dare not print the name of. The singer sounded like a possessed vacuum tube and their sound was like a subway tunnel being flooded by a Tsunami. I really enjoyed their song Lake Placid because there was nothing placid about it. It felt like being attacked by an alligator with Montezuma’s revenge.

Then we got a fairly new band from London Ontario called Sentiment Dissolve. This is an up and coming band that has not only a unique look but they are trying to find their voice amongst all his guttural screaming. The young guitarist plays a 9 string guitar that helps with their original sound. He may look young but he rocks out as hard as the all the other heavycore players. The bassist strutted around in pink pants and the singer had a Kid Rock with attitude but a vicious sounding vocal style that urges you to get crazed. Overall they are a sloppy monster, spewing puce coloured venom all over you and they will never wipe it off and apologize.

If you didn’t run screaming, that is a good sign you are ready for Vile Driver. These guys are brutal, bombastic and ballsy. They look like a caged animal ready to pounce and tear your soul apart. The drummer is very intense and his precision is something to watch. The singer looks like a gremlin on PCP. His vocals remind me of someone swinging a cat o nine tails with hooks at the end, so they can tear your flesh apart like Hellraiser. This band is sharp and visceral and their sound is way off the grid. If you like it brutal, you should grab their new release “The rest are Prey”.

I just wanted to apologize for not having any photos of this crazy gig, but my memory card got fried. Anyway, you can see some footage of the bands on our Instagram page Blast_Toronto

While you are there make sure you follow us for more footage of other extreme acts in Toronto. Feel free to comment on anything you want to see us cover in Toronto. We are getting ready to expand and we would love for you to join us on this musical journey. Toronto has a new voice and together we will have a BLAST!

Here is a short video of the performance:

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