Terry Draper- Bread and Cirkus

Terry Draper Bread and Cirkus

Written by Joe Taylor

March 26, 2023

Terry Draper from the Band Klaatu released his latest project call Bread and Cirkus. The reason I mentioned Klaatu is because they were compared to the Beatles, and this latest offering can also fit into that category. The Pop songs are innocent, open and have that floating kind of peace vibe to it. There are 14 songs in all and they take you to different places in your mind. My only criticism about his recording is that the song- “Passport”, should have been the opening track.  Each song is its own trip into your imagination.

Opening this Cirkus is- “All together” which is a great opening to help build a community, because the next song- “Enough”, tears it apart with its look at our material greed. Of course there are song of love with- “Gwendolyn”, “One Heart” and a tribute to a close friend- “The Tale of Ted”.

We get to hit- “The Road”, join the “Bread and Cirkus” and get a little “Sun Worshiping” in.

Most of his songs have a dreaminess about it and help you float into a peaceful dimension. Terry does not create much discord to his music. I believe he really want to make this earth a place of peace and understanding. These seem to be the message of his work.

My second criticism, is that the second last song- “Let us be one”, should have finished this record. It is a nice call to arms, or in this case a call towards peace.

So if you love pop music and want to keep it positive, you should pick this up today.

 Here is the link to get your copy right now!

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