Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

You will probably hear more about a Band called Revcall. They are making some pretty loud noise these days and they want to be heard. The lights went down and some pretty dramatic music filled the space with moments of anticipation. They came out and immediately kicked ass. In fact, there was quite the gap between the band and the audience. It could have been a couple of things. The audience was intimidated by the band or the band put out so much energy that it forced the crowd to hold back. They even had a laid-back approach by having a fifth member sitting in a chair and drinking beer on stage throughout the show. That looked inviting, but their out-of-control sound and Southern Rock attitude still kept everyone back at a safe distance.

I will put this out to those who dare see Revcall next… go to the front of the stage and Rock your face off in front of them. I think this will be the magic we all need to have an amazing time together.

These guys have every Rock pose down to an art and have that good ol’ boys drinking attitude. These guys can bring the party. In fact, if you decide to ride the rails with these guys, they will throw you onto the verge of swerving into vertigo in the third degree. They have a prehistoric caveman funk that can get you swinging your club in a good ol’ Mosh Pit.

They even celebrated a friend named Andrew Carney. It was his Birthday and they saved him a piece of cake. They also invited an amazing guitarist from the band Buffalo Bill named Jorge Sousa for a couple of numbers. The energy he shared on stage really added to the overall experience. If he ever quits Buffalo Bill, I think he would fit in well with Revcall.

What I love about this band is that there are 4 truly unique forces up on that stage with no true leadership. They each take a turn at exploring their space and invite you into their personal vibe. It’s raw and intense and you may have fun getting lost in it.

They finished of the night with Gravedigger. This cover basically kicks you in the head and buries your under a ton of rubble, to which you only have your drinking problem to blame by the end of their set.

Here are a few images of Revcall:

Opening the show was a band called Angry Sun. They weren’t all that angry just a little pissed off or even more of a controlled passive-aggressive tone. These guys know how to keep a great groove going. The strobe lights and some solid jamming kept us in a fine loopy state until the final note. Their energy was solid and the wall of noise was thick. These guys are working towards a high level of showmanship. Give them a little more time to develop it, but do see them and watch how they will grow.

Here are a few images of Angry Sun:

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