Happy Anniversary to the Howlin’ Gales

Happy Anniversary to the Howlin’ Gales

It was the 1st Anniversary of the Band the Howlin’ Gales and instead of teething they were cutting their teeth to a solid crowd at Baby G’s.  They came out onto the stage and opened the show with their own creative version of California Dreaming. This is what I am beginning to understand about this band: their cover songs are done extremely well and with a crafted precision that wakes up the crowd. They also did The Weight by The Band and ended off with a ripping version of Johnny B Goode!

Needless to say, their original material is what people come to truly see. Songs like- Fire on the Mountain and She’s always got her man, really add a definite stamp to their Canadiana sound. They are a two-piece band that sounds like a full-on four-piece. The drummer has a lot of flashy tricks, similar to that of the late great Taylor Hawkins, and can bring you into stoner territory like Bill Ward from Black Sabbath.

The singer has a solid voice and loud guitar licks similar to a band like BTO. He proved it that night with their song- Past my Hometown where he let out a screech that gave everyone in the audience laryngitis. They finished off their set with a monster song called- Keep on Rollin’. The crowd simply wouldn’t let them go as they were leaving the stage.

Two Guys, Big Noise, blow you over with their large sound- Howlin’ Gales!

Here are a few images of The Howlin’ Gales:

 The night got off to a great start with a band called Fighting Chance. If you give them a fighting chance you may find yourself loosening up and having fun. They are sort of a mix of 80-90’s alt-pop with a hint of 50’s flavouring. Every song they played had a catchy riff that keep the energy moving well. What made it even more special is that the singer always seem to add a moment, whether it was an extra note that stood out or a change in his vocal style, but it was enough to make you smile and get you a little more invested in the song. I mentioned this to him after the show and he shared that he learned that when he was busking.

They finished their set with a song called- She Lives, that was very reminiscent of very early Police. They create a wonderful Pop Punk sound. This is your moment Toronto to go out and see these guys live and give them a Fighting Chance.

Here are a couple images of Fighting Chance:

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