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Written by Joe Taylor

September 05, 2018

That’s because there was a packed crowd at Kansas. They came to the CNE to play The Bandshell. It was a mix of dedicated fans who have seen them live for over 40 years and teenagers getting really excited to witness this excellent Progressive Rock Band . The band consisted of two original members, Phil Ehart on drums and Richard Williams on guitar. Other members were, Billy Greer on Bass, Dave Manion on Keyboards, David Ragsdale on violin, Zak Rizvi on guitar. I heard Steve Walsh was not going to be on vocals, but instead they brought in Ronnie Platt for the keyboard and vocal part. Man this guy nailed the vocals all night long with drive and passion.

The evening was filled with great twists and turns doing the classics, like Dust in the wind, The Wall and Carry on Wayward son. They threw in a newer piece, like Summer. They even threw in deeper cuts like, Can I tell you, All I wanted, and even Opus Insert!

The crowd was joyous and very happy to see this band again. There was a young lady who may have been the most enthusiastic person in the audience as she danced and sang for the entire show. The crowd was friendly as we shared stories of other Kansas shows after they left the stage.

After more than 40 years, Kansas is still going strong, and you could tell by the reaction of the crowd, both new and old. I hope they come back soon.

To see what Kansas is up to go to… http://www.kansasband.com/

A big thanks to Holmes PR for providing the media passes for the excellent shows at The EX!

I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Here are a few images from Kansas’ performance:

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