Steven Wilson Plays it Close to the Bone…

Steven WIlson

Written by Joe Taylor

November 29, 2018

After a cancelled show at the Phoenix, Steven Wilson makes the effort to come back to Toronto a few days later and play the Opera house. The place was packed with a bunch of Prog Heads from teenage hood to senior citizen. Most were hard core fans that have been following Steven’s career for many years to the new converts that had only heard stories about how amazing this guy is live. Well Mr Wilson and his band of merry boneheads hit the stage to reveal the secrets of their majesty.

They opened with “Nowhere now”, from the new CD, To the Bone. In fact most of the concert was to showcase this amazing offering. Songs like, “The same asylum as before and, “Refuge”, gave the audience a solid feel of what this record is all about. It did not stop there, other s that blew the crowd away, were the songs, “Pariah” and, “Song of Unborn”. Steven went into his noodle of logic with how only he could write a song in 21 and the go into his 4/4 pop song, “Permeating”. It was both fun and effective.

What makes MR SW shows so amazing is the fact that musically the band doesn’t sit still very well. One moment you are building into something unknown, carried beyond the sky with psychedelic sounds and find yourself in the middle of a head banging metal tune, and this could happen within just one song. Other elements I thought worth mentioning was the screen of artistic endeavors. There seemed to be plenty of songs were women were being portrayed in various lights, and all very empowering. There were no cheap thrills only creative forces that celebrated the magic of women.

When we got to the encore, Steven shared a story of how he never reads his reviews EVER! One day he got an email from a writer who reviewed his show and was quite generous with his piece. MR SW was sucked in to reading the entire article and really liked it, except for one thing. I will get back to that very quickly. I know the audience truly enjoys his shows, especially when he goes into some Porcupine Tree cover songs. Sorry Steven, I just had to share that punch line. Oh what was that journalist thinking? Well soon after Steven really did a cover song, but I won’t ruin the surprise, you will just have to go out and buy a ticket.

The band finished off with two other songs that just seemed to fit into place. The first one is truly a cautionary tale and the last one has all the marking s of your souls fear, loneliness, regret and tiredness, with just a hint of hope. Sometimes that is all you need. The messages were powerful. The playing was out worldly, and reality is that everyone should try to see this man live, it will change the way you view music, life and it will take you on an inward journey to unfold a new side of your sunny self.

Here are some images from the Performance:

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