Raphael Weinroth-Browne – World’s Within

Raphael Weinroth-Brown

Written by Joe Taylor

April 27, 2020

Raphael is a cellist originally from Ottawa, but now makes his home in Toronto. He has recently released a CD of cello music where he layers complex themes from one instrument, by the use of studio amplifiers and effect pedals. The final recording is a vista of a sonic landscape where sound turns into vision. It is a spiritual movie of darkness and lightness that encircles the richness of life.

This is a story that you must put your headphones on, or sit quietly in a darkened room and experience it essence as it infinitely unfolds within you. There are 10 distinct movements that are chapters on how to encompass the moments we have in this time. The view can be quite microcosmic in nature and allure us into a panorama of epic emotions. It expresses the brashness of the ego but also be very yielding in its moments of exquisite surrender.

I would love to share what I felt throughout this journey. I have an entire essay of what I feel to believe our conductor; Raphael is trying to share with us. Like any great piece of art, it is up to the listener to figure out the depths of the music.

All I will share with you is that this piece of music is incredibly thought out with a wise young man at the helm of musical control. His ability to coordinate sounds and ideas and emotion all wrapped tightly together, is a gift from an artist with a lot to give. World’s Within will literally take you from within and show a side of you that you may never knew existed, or give you a piece of yourself back that you have forgotten.

To hear more of Raphael’s music go to…https://open.spotify.com/artist/7GxwPVTgM5k16pUqTlYjdc

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