Nash The Slash – Decomposing

Nash The Slash – Decomposing

Decomposing was released in 1981 and was an EP released by Nash The Slash. Nash was known for wrapping himself in bandages and performing live, looking like the Invisible Man. Very few people had the privilege of knowing Nash without the bandages, but most fans were happy not to peek behind the Wizards curtain. His mystique was unique and fans loved him that way.

Decomposing consisted of 4 instrumental pieces constructed by Nash himself. He truly was a solo artist. What made this album so special was the fact that when it was given to the radio station DJ’s, they had no idea what speed they should play this record at. So you could have three very different version of the same piece playing at three different radio stations. This made it fun for the listener.

Nash choice of instruments usually consisted of Electric Mandolin, Electric Violin, Drum Machine and Computer effects. With the first piece, “The Calling” he added in a Glockenspiel. “Life in Loch Ness”, is gloriously creepy, complete with a jaw harp sound. Then you have the monstrosity of, “Womble”, that tracks down your fragile psyche and plays with it until you have a paranoid breakdown. Finally, we have the beautifully lonely and heart wrenching piece called, “Pilgrim’s Lament”.

The four pieces breakdown into three time categories.

The Calling, 33 1/3- 5:38, 45- 4:10, 78- 2:24

Life in Loch Ness, 33 1/3- 6:18, 45-4:40, 78- 2:42

Womble, 33 1/3- 9:00, 45- 6:55, 78- 3:59

Pilgrim’s Lament, 33 1/3- 4:47, 45- 3:33, 78- 2:03

I suggest you should go out and find this record and try it at all speeds. I believe you will find many ways to enjoy each piece and you will find your favourites played at different speeds.

Here are a few images of Nash:

As Nash the Slash always said, Listen in Safety…

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  1. As the Wombles were a UK pop band (8 hits, 4 in the Top 10 in the UK 1974-75) that spun off of a popular UK stop motion animated children’s TV series, I was curious to know if there was a connection between them and the track on Decomposing. I asked Michael Waite to ask Nash about the track and Nash confirmed that the TV series inspired the track – though with a darker take akin to the Residents reworkings of popular songs. More underground than overground, to borrow the lyrics of the theme to the Wombles TV show.

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