Alexandra Willett needs to do more than just Tip Toe

Alexandra Willett & Joe Taylor

Written by Joe Taylor

April 26, 2020

Let me just get this out of the way first. Alexandra Willett has an awesome voice. It is pure, clean, and innocent and has a style that encompasses the past vocalists and brings them into today’s world, whereas most vocalists need machinery to give them a mediocre vocal style.

Her new EP release, “Tip Toe”, will prove that within the four songs that she recorded. The opening notes are strange and quirky and immediately you hear that voice that makes you step back a bit, as you now want to hear this song. Alexandra grabs you by the hand and joyfully walks with you. It is a super happy song that includes some fun scatting. I can visualize this song slowly building with more and more people walking, as it eventually turns into a flash mob. That would be a fun video to watch.

She then goes into “Always Will”, a beautifully sad song that is simple in its approach as it is conducted with a virtuous spirit. Her vocals are very clear and honestly heartfelt.

For any young person out there who gets butterflies with someone they are attracted to, “Nervous”, is a great song to relate to. It has that little swirling energy that sits inside of you as you anticipate the deeper connection you are forming with someone new.

Her forth song, “Heartbeat”, is very solemn that carries a strong message of renewal. For those of you who have felt lost in life, this song is a bit of a lifeline to get you back on track.

What these four songs have in common is this: they carry an open innocence and strength to face life head on. Alexandra treats her songs as if she were a friend of yours, sharing herself when you are in need or have the need to express the joys in life. Her real message can be wrapped up in one word, Togetherness.

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