I was lucky to sit down with half of Nanochrist a few days ago, and chat about the past present and future. Nanochrist is an Industrial Metal band that formed back in 1998. It has been an uphill struggle with Mike Bryant and Sqworm. Since their formation there has been a revolving door of musicians come through their camp. Mike describes in great detail the various members that have had the privilege of calling themselves Nanochrist. They still are all on talking terms with everyone, except one, apparently. Today’s line-up consists of Sqworm on lead vocals, Mike Bryant on Guitar, Kitara, vocals and programming, Sebastian L’arrivee on Keyboards, and Doug Lea on Drums. This current line is two years old and they all seem very stoked to be playing together.

Mike told me his first outing as a musician and an engineer didn’t go over so well. He clearly was not happy with his first project, but Sebastian was very encouraging saying if you crank it all the way up it sounds pretty good. Try it at “11”. Their sound transformed over the years. First trying a Nine Inch Nails sound, then moving onto a progressive sound. I noticed that Mike was wearing a Rush shirt at that moment. I threw  in a Voivod reference and we just started to go way off topic. We both love Voivod and this interview wound has been lost with our devotion to heavy progressive sounds.

Today they are experimenting with a bit of Transmetal energy. You can hear it on their new release, “Freedom through Extinction”. They would be completely excited if they had a chance to open for bands like, Nine inch Nails, 3 Teeth, or Celldweller.  Nanochrist has toured across Canada in the past but right now want to continue  their energy in Ontario and Montreal. Their dream tour would be somewhere every weekend in the summertime. They don’t want to drag themselves around in a Canadian winter when the chance of getting a good crowd may not happen. Well, that’s why Blast Toronto is here; we want to inform you on great shows that are happening year round so we get to witness great music all the time.

nanochristBT- You guys have a heavy sound, would you consider doing a HEAVY Montreal festival?

NC- We would love too, it is just a case of “hey you guys should play here”, but the application cost money, and I think HEAVY M is like a contest, like a battle of the bands. I would love to play 70,000 tons that would be fantastic! It’s really big right now. I hear Jonathon Colton does one of those things for nerd bands, HaHa. That would be kinda cool to see.

BT- What would be your Dream venue?

NC- Hammersmith Odeon, so I can yell from the stage,”Scream for me, Hammersmith!”

BT- Nice…

NC- I am also in a band called MDM from St Catherines.I was a hired gun/guitarist and flew to Germany to perform at Wave-Gothik Treffen Festival. It happens every year and it is spectacular. I was the most gothed out I have ever been in my life and felt undressed.  It was a good six days with lots of sausage.

BT- Soooo five years from now where would you like to see yourself?

NC- It’s a good question, I have a worry there will be no Nanochrist in five years. The music we do is not hugely popular and I like you said things here in Toronto are in a slump. The continual costs of money  to put on a show can be too much, and if it is too much, it has to stop. I hope it doesn’t come to that. My great hope is I can play some shows five years from now.

BT- This is the reason I am here, to keep real and exciting music alive. There is simply too much talent here to see go to waste. Are there enough clubs for your style of music? All the clubs are really specializing certain types of music.

NC- Because we have keyboards, there are people out there not booking us because they are purists. The Goth scene has pretty much died out. We don’t fit there anyway because we’re more Metal than we are bats. The scene is changing; maybe five years ago there was Ricky BM, then Electro Industrial, now Post Punk.

BT- Goth is like a hub, like a great weed in your garden and all the other sub weeds grow out from it and flourish. That pretty much what happens.

After some communal laughter with my statement, we stuck around and talked about a variety of different styles of music and learned more about the essence of our love for live music. Nanochrist is one of those live bands you do not want slipping through your fingers without seeing them live.

nanochristBy the way, they are playing Stop Drop and Roll at 300 College Street on Feb 24th. If you are on Facebook here is the information.

To hear some Nanochrist before you show up, here is my favourite song right now.

To see other events at Stop Drop and Roll go to…

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