Lost Electronic Poetry by Corpusse

Lost Electronic Poetry by Corpusse

Walking slowly into the small but eclectic space called Sellers & Newel Book store, Corpusse somenly creeps through the crowd with some sage smelling incense to rid the place of black Juju and the killer of vibes.  It is just him and a keyboard, a large departure from his usual Rock and Roll approach. His garb is a flashy purple jacket which does suit him but not the first song. Eerily the first word you hear is, “The Sun is setting”. The keyboard sounds like the soundtrack to a drunken Boris Karloff film.

He then goes into lyrics like, “Did I make you feel, Was it too real”? This drooling monstrosity took us to the second level of Hell. If you a new comer to his show, this may haunt your nightmares for years to come. Wink,wink…

I believe half the fun of watching this show was seeing the reaction of the people walking by and stopping to see what’s going on, and I don’t  mean the Marvin Gaye song.

It may seem that his show can be filled with just some strange frosting, but there is more to this, if you try to analyze it. Corpusse is a rare artist with a niche for Electronic poetry. With ideas like Die before your death, and the gentle side of a piece called Brisbane, and the craziness of  Blue Neon Skull, Corpusse is expanding your mind in the simplest way he knows how. Even watching him peel his layers of clothing throughout the set, you feel exposed to this rotting onion.

There are moments Corpusse really puts it all the way out there, with no shame, no embarrassment, and a will to expand your conciseness all at once. It is quite a feat. He hits you with non-descript compositions, words that have no cohesion and sounds that don’t know how they are going to make you feel. Sometimes Corpusse hits parts in his songs that gel together that make no sense at all or are so outrageous, that you can’t help but laugh.

Corpusse finished off his set with a rather thoughtful piece, called, “Rise”, a caring song about protecting our children of today, because they need a future. Can you believe even this monstrosity of madness doesn’t really want to scare the children of our future.

Just as a footnote, I was good friends with Nash The Slash, and he really enjoyed Corpusse’s  artistry. I wanted both the Great Late Nash and Corpusse know, that Toronto Blast has room for all the original talent that resides in this great city.

To learn more about Corpusse go to https://www.facebook.com/Corpusse-233619756651825/?pnref=lhc

There are other great events at Sellers and Newel, check them out here http://www.sellersandnewel.com/concerts.html

View images from the performance below:

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