Lost in the Supermarket

Lost in the Supermarket

The bad news is, this is not about a Clash Reunion. The good news is that this is about a new band breaking onto the scene called Lost Voy, and they recently played the Supermarket.

Before I begin to describe them, there was two other note worthy bands on the bill. First up was – Be Still.

They seem to be a cross between Punk Rock and Hard Rock. They have a terrible name because there is nothing still about these guys. The singer was a little intense with a hint of spastic energy. By the third song the drummer took off and went into what I could only call Progressive punk. You don’t hear those two words together very often, but there it is. As they dove deeper into their set they kept throwing in some interesting twisted riffs that seemed to keep you off balance. It was sort of like watching a tightrope walker carrying a silver tray of ball bearing in his left hand; Interesting and uneasy all at the same time.

Here are a few images of Be Still:

After walking off stage like a weathered postal carrier, the Band Contour got up and hit us with a solid ball of rock!  These guys also chose a terrible name. There were no rippling contours in their sound. It was simply straight forward riffs that got up into your face. They proved it by doing a cover of 7th nation army by the White Stripes. I liked the fact that they added some real weight to this song. They strayed away from the simple beat and added a layer of dark soot to it. They brought the crowd closer to the stage with their own song – “Shut your Mouth”. And the highlight was a great rendition of Billy Talents song- “Try Honesty”.

Here are a few images of Contour:

Finally, Lost Voy came out and it was strong! The lead singer simply put out a high dose of hard rock energy and his intense movements kept the audience thrilled and uneasy. It was like watching a heavily dosed 70’s porn star with bad intentions but was injected with a spastic dose of instability.

The guitar player kept everything chugging along with his meaty and butchery attitude on guitar: Very flavourful and rare, just the way I Iike it.  The mix of the band’s sound had plenty of variety. It was a blend of Punk, Metal and playing with matches. It was enough to start a 2 man mosh pit that ended up with plenty of experimental screaming. If the Beastie Boys jumped up on that stage it would work.

This is a young but very experienced band that is looking to find their own special fit, in amongst all the chaotic noise and cacophony that the underground scene in Toronto is famous for. We do have one of the best underground scenes for all heaviest bands. Lost Voy is simply trying to get your attention so you can have a reason to have your ears bleed, with their own specialized blend of musical permutation. These guys have the talent to find an original path for you to follow.  

Here are a few images of Lost Voy:

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