Girl’s Night Out is not just for Girls

Girl’s Night Out is not just for Girls

I decided to go out and discover a new place in Toronto. Well I decided to go to Capone’s on Bloor Street just west of Dundas Street West. Once you find it, you need to walk downstairs into the cellar or maybe it is Capone’s Vault, because that is where he keeps the good music. Once inside you immediately feel the chill begin to relax you and the friendliness begins to fill you up. One of the owners brought me a glass of water before I could ask for one.

As I settled into Lisa Particelli’s GNO party, the crowd seemed well connected. The flow of singers ran really smoothly and it felt like a warm Jazzy campfire with everyone taking turns singing their favourite Jazz songs. This was accomplished by having the fine talents of Peter Hill on Keys and Jordan O’C on Bass. When one set was over, everyone took a break to congregate with each other and welcome anyone new to this establishment. People began to approach me and ask questions, so I inadvertently joined their fold like a welcome new member. Thank goodness they didn’t ask me to sing, the night would be over very soon.

This particular evening, I am sure there was the same cast of characters hitting the stage, but there was one special guest that showed up from BC to do a song. The legendary Fred Penner got on stage and filled the room with his special kind of love.

Here is a list of the singers who graced the stage this evening. Check out their photos as well.

Kathleen- “Nobody else but me”.

Deb-“I’d rather go blind”.

Darryl- “Girl from Ipanema”.

Ilene- “Walking my baby home”.

Fred Penner-“Sentimental Journey”, and he had the entire audience singing with him.

Tracey-“It never entered my mind”.

Molly- Fly me to the Moon”.

Jack- “I fall in love too fast”.

Mandy and Mateo- A song from Cabaret.

 I just wanted to thank Mandy for bringing a young artist in and showing him the ropes. He added a nice touch to the evening. He did a fine Billy Joel song.

So this last bit is for you the readers who want a little fun on a Wednesday night. Capone’s is located at 1573 Bloor St West. Start time is around 7:30. Cover is a simple $5 cover charge.

If you love Jazz Music- GO!

If you sing Jazz Music- GO!

If you are in the neighbourhood, GO make some new Friends.

If you are thirsty on a Wednesday evening- GO!

Here are a few images of the Girl’s Night Out:

Here are two links to start a new way of being…

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