Got Style has Style

Got Style has Style

It was the first event of its kind and it happened in the Distillery at a posh store called Got Style. I have never been there, but when I walked in, it took me awhile to absorb the amount of work and effort it took to put this event together. The store is big and bold and beautiful. It has two floors and on the main floor you would find the stage where the jam band was setting up. It consisted of some of the finest musicians Toronto has to offer. On Vocals we had Tom Barlow, On Guitar we had John Bride, On Bass we had, Tom Lewis, and on drums Chris McNeil. Together they are a great band to party to, but other people got a chance at being a Rock Star.

I will get back to this a little later. Before and after the live music we had Mark the DJ keeping us happy with his mixture of sounds. As you climbed the stairs you began to notice this is a pretty good place to congregate. In the middle of the room there was a billiards table with delectable foods to thoroughly enjoy. You can enjoy these treats with a specialty wine from a company called Karlo Estates. As you sip this nectar, you can mosey around the room and enjoy the concert photography from Rock Photographer, Nik Milner. I especially enjoyed his photo of Thin Lizzy. Once you have enjoyed live Rock, you could be blown away from a digital artist named, Alex Mayhew. His variations of recreating David Bowie digitally were pretty spectacular. As you were enjoy these precious works of art, they had a silent bid sheet next to them, So you could walk out of this party with one hell of a gift!

Now let’s get back to that party. It started off swanky with a short but fun fashion show, that featured friends and models who just wanted to have some fun. The Tom Barlow began to kick off evening with his band. After the first couple of songs from Tom Barlow and CO. they began to invite people up to get this jam spread…Dad joke? First up was our illustrious host Karen, who smartly decided to do a Rolling Stones song only to follow up with a Beatles song. She knows how to cover all the bases. She wasn’t done, she went behind the drum kit and proceeded to hammer away at Lenny Kravitz’s “Are you gonna go my way”. It seemed that opened the floodgates for other musicians to join in the fun, so we had people like, John Stewart Cambell, Elvin Stern, Stan Endersby, Rebecca Matiesen, Kim Foo, Rocco Speziali, Trish Flannigan, Mareo Germani, Julie Reid Anderson, just to name some of our fun participants that made this party tick!

In the two sets that Tom Barlow put together the highlights were definitely when Liberty Silver showed up and kicked it out with James Brown’s “I Feel Good”! Boy did everybody feel good after that!

Secondly, was when a man showed up to play an original song. I didn’t have a good angle to really see who it was, but his song truly was one that sunk into everybody’s psyche. He quietly left the stage with the audience still in awe. That gentleman was Canadian Legendary Producer, Daniel Lanios.

After that amazing jam session, Mark the DJ kept party strong and made sure people danced until they dropped.

If you would like to donate towards Food Banks Canada you can, through this email. This was the  reason we were all there, and I do hope this happens again next year. The email is

Here are some images of the event:

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