Let’s get Funked at the Monarch

Let’s get Funked at the Monarch

People are starving for live music these days. It makes me feel as if I am in some kind of dystopian reality. If we can sneak in some live music while a pandemic wages its war on our world, we will go out to grab what we can.

I walked into the Monarch pub last night and before I got through the door, I heard pulsations of music, joyous noise and an ethos of energy circumventing throughout the pub. The Band is Love Wagon, and I, as well as many other quickly jumped on this bands wave of high energy funk.

Somehow I squeezed my way to the front to watch die hard funkified people catching the spirit and releasing it back to the band. This was a sold out show and everyone showed up. They stuck with mostly originals and the occasional cover that enhanced the dance floor dramatically. By the end of their set, they announced they were taking a break for awhile but will return. I talk to the drummer and he told me it would be around midsummer. So, when this band gets back on their wagon, I will let you know, so you can feel the healing power that drives the Love Wagon.

Here are a few images of the band Love Wagon:

After such a high energy performance, Steinwall hit the stage. They are a 9 piece band that stared the party of with a slow burn and slowly wriggled it way into some full out funked up shit. It was like a metaphysical reaction. The culmination of nine people doing their thing, felt like a swirling energy that would hit the back of the room and go sideways and even up and down all at the same time, was full of pleasure, joy and love. It was like they created the shape of water within those walls. If you were at the show, you would totally understand this last sentence.

As if this band, who truly built themselves up through a strong sense of love, was giving it all they had and knew you were going home satisfied, they began to invite on stage a new musician. Her name is Ann Fung and she got up and grabbed a flute and began to play with astonishing results. Within seconds this woman rearranged all the molecules in my body and mind. I didn’t know whether to have my mind blown or rejoice in this new religion. The band clearly was triumphant in this choice and the audience reached new heights within this small tsunami.

Here are a few images of the band Steinwall:

A new wave hit us near the end when a soulful friend joined them and helped finish off their set. Her name is Forest Van Winkle and she simply delighted us with her river flowing vocals. There was even an audience member who joined the stage because she wanted to shake a tambourine. They finished off the evening with a white water special: Jungle Boogie. Well this was a great way to finish off in this sea of love.

Don’t miss Love wagon when they get back… https://www.facebook.com/lovewagonofficial

Chill out with the laid back funk of Steinwall… https://www.facebook.com/Steinwallband

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