The Black Swan Takes Flight Again

The Black Swan Takes Flight Again

Like all the clubs in the city, the Black Swan is breathing some new life into the music scene again. They have opened the doors to many musicians who want to play live again. In this case, the Sunday night stage was open for budding young Jazz players who wanted to enhance their chops and form a night of improv-inspired jazz sounds. This jam session was put together by Sean Taylor-Mihaly and he invited anyone who wanted to create a new experience. This is part of the Sunday Night Talent Discovery Evening. So if you want to get discovered, this could be your place.

Young musicians from both York University and Humber College got together and were open enough to try new and exciting material from the past, present and even quite possibly the future. Some free form jazz was experimented with, and after that experiment was fulfilled they all gelled together like a fine young band, ready to take on anything.

The names of these players are:

Sean Taylor-Mihaly- Vocals

Michael Mintchev- Drummer

Jessica Spurrell- Vocals

Laura Roveth- Vocals

Juan Bernal- Guitar

Mylz Powell- Trumpet

David Malcolm- Trumpet

Roadie Jay- Keys/Vocals

Arend Tigchelaar- Bass

Damian- Vocals

Eric Shi – Bass

I want MO!- Cowbell/Drums

Alex Shain- Guitar

Near the end of the evening a veteran guitar player- Alex Shain got up and did the blues and added that special element of new players connecting with experience. He really helped everyone get their Mojo Working!

The Black swan saw life again as people showed up to witness this happening. Sunday night at the Black Swan became a place to finish off a great weekend. This should be a new tradition. It will be, but you have to show up as a participating audience member to help urge the growth of the new talent emerging in this city.

A few of the highlights were “Nature boy” and “So What”. These are two standards I will never grow tired of. They did a great version of Gerswin’s,” Summertime”. The moment I felt the entire band connecting was when Sean was clowning around with the band, trying to figure what train they should take to get to the Black Swan. Was it the B Train, the J Train, no it was the A train! There was a lot of different scatting styles going on throughout the night. At one point I felt as if I saw Joe Cocker swallow Louis Armstrong during a vocal solo. Speaking of solos, everyone got a turn and really shined to the delight of the audience.

The evening ended with, “Billy’s Bounce”, a fun upbeat tune that saw everyone kick into high gear and finish the evening off with a glorious bang.

Here are some images of the budding new talent:

If you are reading this and feeling a little left out, don’t worry this is going to happen again on Sunday night starting at 8pm. Come out have a drink and grab that musical vibe that will carry you throughout the week, that you are about to face. This is the perfect medicine if your spirit needs a lift. Oh by the way, if you do play, bring your instrument, because it is an open mic evening and everyone is welcome to play. I can see this becoming a new tradition to start a new week for everyone. Pure Satisfaction…

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