Lean and Mean Cowbell

Lean and Mean Cowbell

White Cowbell Oklahoma came back to Toronto to get us in the holiday spirit. That usually means pouring huge quantities of Jagermeister down our throats. But alas, that did not come to fruition. Covid spoils the party. No free pouring let the crowd feel poor.

On that only sour note, WCO came on stage with a vengeance and ramped up the party with some of their hardest hitting tunes. If you forgot your earplugs, well just go stand at the back of Lee’s Palace. They were in a visceral mood and keep the audience fully immersed in their Raunch and Roll style.

Let’s see what they brought along for the ride. We had 2 vivacious burlesque dancers, shaking and stirring the audience into a frenzy. They came on and left only to come on again, a little bit more revealing the next time, and the next time, and the next time.

They had a poor lonely soul, still stuck in Covid mode, trying to stream the live performance on his laptop. This is quite the statement of our new way of life. His fuzzy slippers and disheveled clothes are all the rage when you stay at home and putter around on your computer with his hard drive looking very limp. He looked very lonely as he was shooting his silly string at the band and audience.

At least we did not have another toilet paper shortage because Chainsaw Charlie made sure everyone had plenty, so if you needed to take a whizz with all the cheap beer you were inhaling that evening, you didn’t need to think about toilet paper, it was everywhere!

The boys of WCO, were very kind to everyone who might have been feeling a little cold. Just come to the front of the stage and warm yourself up with a flaming cowbell. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Of course the party would not be complete without drunken Santa stumbling all over the stage. His beer guzzling antics before his big ride on Christmas Eve, is legendary. He drinks so much on stage that he can’t find the exit to go to the bathroom, so he proceeds to christen the audience, with what I like to call…Rainbeer.

We know the end is nigh, when WCO tells us to put the south in your mouth. This is their version of a happy ending: And what a happy ending. Until Next year, dream of sugar plums dancing between your legs, and you better watch out, because Santa Claus is cumming to town.

Here are some images of White Cowbell Oklahoma:

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