Getting Reckless at the Cathedral

Getting Reckless at the Cathedral

If you read last week’s article about Brass transit, there was a little blurb about the opening band The Free Label. Well, a week later Blast Toronto had to be in their space once again. This time it was at the newly opened Bar Cathedral on the Esplanade. I wanted to see a full set from this up-and-coming R&B, Funk, Pop, Soul, and all-around Smooth Band.

From my understanding, these guys are the latest lineup from York University, where there were many members that came in and out of the band before they settled on this lineup. What I like about them is how cohesive they all are together. They are very tight as a unit and generous enough that everyone gets to showcase their talent throughout the sets.

The Band consists of:

  • Josh Daniel – lead vocals, Saxophone
  • Mathew Fantini – Bass, vocals
  • Malik Mungo – Guitar, vocals
  • Cole Mendez – Keys, Vocals

They showed up to showcase their new single, “Reckless”. It is a laid back Hip Hop tune that has a carefree attitude. Here is a link to this song…

The first half of the set was dedicated to their original material that got people on their feet and getting the party started. They even brought up a friend named Dawson, who sang wonderfully in tandem with Josh. The second half was dedicated to great covers of classic songs from artists like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang, well you get the idea. It was a night of fun, passion, and letting your hair down again. Even the manager got in the groove and started dancing on his own bar at one point in the evening. This was a great mix of a live and happy crowd and there were there to support live music and do it dancing!

Here are some images of The Free Label:

You can find The Free label here with these links…

Get the vibes that are happening at Bar Cathedral here…

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