Ben Cooks!

Ben Cooks!

Whenever you go and see a Mute Sounds show, you are usually there to see Rui Pedro do his passionate thing on guitar and watch the rest of the band elevate him. Last Night at the horseshoe, something changed. They came out strong, swinging away like a boxer ready for a big match, but by the third song was beginning, this hurricane swept the stage.

Ben Cook, the drummer opened up the song with a breakneck opening that gave everyone whiplash. He was the hurricane, and the band was the rest of the storm. He elevated the entire band to a new level of tightness that propelled them into the stratosphere. The band just created the noise surrounding the intense energy from behind them.

The new audience members were in awe at the sheer size of the sound being projected into their psyche and they reacted well. There was dancing and even moshing to keep the spirits high. The band focused on their up and coming album-Resilience.  If you are Hard Rocker, with progressive modules in your bloodstream, this will be the album that you have been waiting for. The album drops very soon. I will let you know!

Going back to Ben Cook, I asked him after the show-“What Happened”? He laughed and said that he was in the zone and that he was just stoked playing the Horseshoe for the very first time. Well there you have it. There is a reason the Horseshoe is Legendary and 75 years young and still inspiring musicians to do their best.

Here are a few images from Mute Sounds:

Opening the show was a band called Revcall. They are a dangerous southern country band on the verge of drunk and disorderly charges. If Steve Earle got wasted and jumped up on stage with White Cowbell Oklahoma, this would be a close representation of what these 4 crazy outlaws are. Just their sound check alone, you knew this was going to be something special when the singer is checking his mike for Syphilis.

The banter between them and the audience was well-crafted debauchery and they stood together like comrags in arms as they played absolute solid outlaw country music with that slight stoner twist. When you open your set with a song called,”HEY”! You will get noticed. I loved Outlaw Pony and Undertow. The singer kind of reminds me like a bear with a serious hibernation hangover. They also created moments for people to slam into one another. I loved it when they finished their set with a Monster Truck song- Gravedigger. These guys can really pull off songs like that. I just don’t understand why these guys are not a huge band yet. Go see them before they get too big.

Here are a few images of Revcall:

Nerima stared the show off nicely with their pop sensibility. Every time I see them they get looser on stage and look like they are really having fun, so if you love fun Pop Music, this is a band you can bounce to. Maybe they should do a song called Popcorn, because of all the bouncing they do live…Hmmm…

Here are a few images of NERiMA:

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