Brother Paul – Same Old Blues

Brother Paul – Same Old Blues

From the moment I put on this CD, I knew this was not the same old blues. Brother Paul does a CD full of cover songs with a variety of Blues songs from many different eras. His execution of each song is either a complete makeover of the original, or a newly weaved song with different textures to sink into.

The overall feel is somber and pensive and a CD you want to put on at the end of a hard day with a beer in your hand. Let’s start with the obvious opening song. If you didn’t read the title right away, it would take you a minute or two to realize you are listening to Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. I love the remake of this song because of its swampiness and the feeling of black Juju in the fabric of the song. Although, musically he switches gears quickly with a 1940’s Gospel Blues song called- You gotta move by Fred McDowell.

What makes this a worthwhile listen, is the fact that the overall essence seems to come from the Deep South. You can feel the quiet river running into a swampy area. You can feel the train tracks under your feet as you walk around in this musical era. You can feel the wildlife; you can feel that exhaustion you get from the heat of the day.

For most of the songs, Brother Paul sticks with the old school innovators of the Blues, like, Robert Johnson, McKinley Morganfield, beter known as Muddy Waters, and even does his own version of the Traditional St James Infirmary. I love that song.

Paul does have a moment to stick in one of his original songs called, “Same Old Blues”. He even added a Joni Mitchell song which is not a blues song- “Big Yellow Taxi”.

If you love exploring the blues, this is one for your collection. It carries its own unique energy. I look forward to his new direction. You can purchase his CD here…

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