Transit on the Go

Transit on the Go

With live music slowly trying to make its way back into our lives, this was kind of a cool way for it to be reborn. The Beaches Jazz Festival put on a show in an unusual spot and not in the Beaches. This gig was held at Scarborough’s Guildwood Go Station on Kingston Rd.

The way this event unfolded, it brought me back to the days when I would frequent the drive-in theatre. The cars all had their parking spot. There was a place to eat and go to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom during Covid times, life is only getting better. The audience was sitting on the roof off their cars to get a good view, or they brought out lounge chairs and had snacks and drinks. This felt like a party on the beach. Everyone was having a happy and excited again to be part of live music again.

 First though, there was an opening act worth taking about. They are The Free Label. They are a bunch of young fresh musicians that have a great ability to blend genres of music and keep it original. Their sound is very smooth and danceable, with a blend of 70’s soul, jazz, funk, pop and a more modern hip-hop sound, that is not offensive to the older crowd. Their enthusiasm is very high and the grooves are infectious, but not like Covid. You want to dance like you’re not wearing a mask. This band has a good shot at getting bigger after Covid, so I urge you to see them while they are still young and fresh.

Here are some images of The Free Label:

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The headliner was the perfect band was chosen to play here because their name is Brass Transit, an amazing tribute to the band Chicago, who started their career off with the name Chicago Transit Authority.

Usually bands get on stage a little late, but Brass Transit hit the stage at 8:50pm, 10 minutes early. We were all anxious to get together and have fun. They could not have picked a better song to open the evening, “Make me Smile”. This high energy tune was the perfect part of the formula as Brass Transit went through nearly the entire catalogue of Chicago’s best songs. The hits just kept coming.

High energy songs, like “I’m a Man”, “Getting stronger everyday”.

Great Ballads, like,” If you leave me now”, “Hard habit to break” and “You’re the Inspiration” brought back great memories

Fun songs like, “Saturday in the Park”, “Does anyone know what time it really is”, and, the swaying magic of “Beginnings”.

Moments to mention, the drum solo during I’m a Man was absolutely flawless and the drummer did not look like he broke a sweat. The trombone player decided to leave the stage and play closer to audience. The highlight was “Color my world”, that got all the couples up and dancing. It felt like something out of Happy Days, the music and reminiscing in that energy felt innocent and free again.

They finished the evening with the song, everybody wants to hear, and of course it is their Monster Masterpiece,”25 or 6 to 4”.

The reaction I got from the audience after the show seemed universal, they all felt normal again. Live music is coming back and this is your time to return back to a normal state of being once again.

Here are some images of Brass Transit:

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There will be a day when I walk up to Brass Transit and say, Remember the time when you played the Guildwood Go Station?…That was AWESOME!

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    • Hi Trevor, I am unsure about Brass transits dates. If you go to their Facebook page you may have luck finding your answer there. If you haven’t seen them before, you are in for a real treat! Bring someone that has not seen them before. Thank you for reading Blast toronto.

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