Free in the Linsmore

Free in the Linsmore

There is a brand new bouncing baby band playing around Toronto. They have been together for just under a year and started their club circuit about 3 weeks ago. Their name is Free in the Six. I didn’t understand the name, so Rachel, the lead singer explained to me that this stands for the six counties in Northern Ireland that wants freedom from the Brits. It also stands for the six districts in Toronto. See the connection? They also had no cover charge at the door of the Linsmore either. Free? Hmm?

This is an Irish band that started the evening off with some Pop tunes, like Girls just wanna have fun. It started off with a solemn atmosphere but did grow into a fun little ditty. When they began to introduce the Celtic part of their act, the crowd began to wake up and began to join in. I enjoyed their version of John Denver’s Country road.

When they came back to do the second set they leaned into the Celtic sound even more. They did a song called “Fields of Athenry”, which got the crowd clapping and singing. I would have sung too, but alas, I don’t know the words. Their songs got more political and more swearing began to ensue. It was rowdy and fun and the Irish crowd next to me kept this party going.

Of course they paid tribute to the classic Irish artists like Van Morrison with Brown eyed girl and U2’s, With or without you. I really got a kick out of their version of the Cranberries-“Zombie”. It was more somber, but in the middle I couldn’t help but hear the strumming of the guitar: was Padraig the guitarist playing, “Welcome to the Machine”, from Pink Floyd. Was this some kind of brilliant Mash-up? I guess you will have to see this band and judge for yourself.

With a few happy people doing a jig on the dance floor during this entire wonderful ruckus, they finished off the evening perfectly with The Pogues- “Fairytale of New York”, in response to the recent passing of Shane McGowan and to celebrate his life this Christmas season. A big thumbs up to you guys for that one.

Here are some images of Free in the Six:

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