JEM Series #2 with Ragged Company

JEM Series #2 with Ragged Company

One of the coolest paces to see live music is in a record store at 2442 Danforth Ave and Main St called Press vinyl Café. Not only can you buy amazing vinyl but they serve some of the best coffee this city has to offer. Every Tuesday they will be a part of the JEM Series of concerts. This is a great platform for bands to showcase their talents in an intimate setting. The prices could be anywhere from Pay what you can to a small door fee. The show usually begins around 7pm and goes until about 10 pm. You can make it home at reasonable time to go to work the next day and you can have a nice break in your life by seeing live music. You can’t lose with this idea.

Ragged Company was the second band to be a part of this series. They fit in perfectly with this idea. They seem to be a bunch of vagabond misfit veterans that finally got together like a team and present the blues in a very high fashion. It was kind of like watching the A Team doing the blues. This was actually their 2nd time playing together as a new group. Their first gig was at a Wedding. How much fun could that have been! It seemed like Press was a perfect launching pad to get them more exposure for future gigs. The audience was highly receptive to their choice of songs.

They began the set with some shuffling blues that warmed up the laid back crowd, but as they got deeper into the set, the songs got stronger, like Bill Withers, ”Ain’t got no Sunshine”, and the Fleetwood Mac’s version of, “Black Magic Woman”. Their version of, “Early in the Morning” had a soft shoe shuffle to it. For me personally, it was the Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want” with Hiro Tanabe on guitar soloing a country style version of the song. It was pretty cool. Also in this band of lovable misfits was Aaron Kazmer on Harmonica slipping in thoughtful sounds and Paul Domanski on drums whose funky chops were the best on this side of Yonge Street, or maybe this side of Etobicoke, or this side of Windsor. Finally the Ace of Bass- Brian Whitty who kept everyone in a happy with his strong rockin’ vocals.

This was plenty for the incredibly low price of $5 for admission, but the surprises did not stop there. Max Brand who is a local legend here in the Beach was in the audience and was invited up to do a song. So he did his rendition of Stormy Monday. I was so impressed with that short performance; I will be booking him to come back in February. So, there is no excuse not to come to these shows, you never know what will happen in this setting.

Please stay tuned to Blast Toronto, for this is the spot to get your information for all the up and coming shows starting again Next Year, which is only a few weeks away! You can also go to and look at Press Vinyl Café’s Event page.

Here are some images of Ragged Company:

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