BB’s review of Apollo Suns release Departures

BB’s review of Apollo Suns release Departures

Baby Butter is the leading chicken of reviewing music in the industry today. Here is her latest review of Apollo Suns – Departures.

Apollo Suns is a powerful band that hails all the way from Winnipeg where they drink frozen coffee at Portage and Main in January. Their new release Departures is probably the hottest thing to come out of Manitoba all year! With psychedelic horns opening this dreamlike awakening, you wake up to a grandiose welcome and you simply enter a world of wonder and delight called “Through the Woods”. Instantly you know you want to travel through the 12 pieces that this band has created for your listening pleasure.

It is an entire instrumental experience where the listener can open up their imagination and emote their true essence onto themselves. “Sisyphus”, is a blend of fluid movements filled with joy that seems to collect a copious amount of energy ready to take on a Herculean task. It seems to have mythical quality about it. Then you have “Cry Baby” that just seems to taunt you and throws it in your face.

Well the imaginative journey continues with “Horses”, a spaghetti western where I felt like Clint Eastwood was leading a Mariachi Band through Arizona and singing “Rawhide”! Apollo Suns has that kind of free flowing energy where as long as you connect with them, let you imagination take you where you want to go. They just seem to be happy providing the soundtrack.

They even has some spacey songs as only Apollo Suns can do, like, “Pluto” and “The Aeronaut” These journey can be taken outwardly or within, your choice. Most of the Cd has a high energy factor to it, but, “Midnight in Winter”, is a solemn piece with its crystalline view of skating ponds, frozen nature and a sense of peaceful solitude.

“Hard Time”, is really fun if you can picture yourself being part of a funky chain gang breaking rocks and loving it! As long as we are all doing it together and loving it. The high energy is ample and the ending grows into a lively monster: where as “Fonxy”, has a wonderfully pimped out attitude with its long fur coat and platform shoes. Hell you can even hear an elephant jiving away on the saxophone.

If you like being smashed around and being beaten by fat and jolly coils of rhythm, “Serpentine” will not disappoint. Just like “Triptych”, this baby invades your body and moves you like a mad puppeteer. It is marvelously exhausting and the joyride in the middle is such a treat!

The last song, “Beyond the Woods”, finishes off where it started. The theme music is the same but now has a calming effect as if Apollo Suns wants you to relax back to your normal state of being. It‘s like finally coming home after a party and being tucked into bed.

This recording is truly solid beginning to end and the themes are vast and cinematic. These are the kind of mind games music lovers want to hear all day long. It is infectious and rapturous. A true Joyride! This one is truly a Golden Egg!

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