The Muddy York Blues Machine – EP

Muddy York Blues Machine

Written by Sylvan

December 05, 2023

The Muddy York Blues Machine is a pretty new band. They have been around just over a year and are becoming the pride of the Parkdale area. With their debut EP, let’s explore their sound.

This EP consists of 3 original songs and 3 cover songs. This is a pretty safe bet to start a musical journey. They open with an original song called, “Is the Devil gone”. From a murky and swampy sound, this southern voodoo rocker will shake you up slowly like a black Juju potion. Once you get hooked into the rhythm, it will sway the beast right out of you.

You may scream, “I don’t need no Doctor”, but this Ashford and Simpson classic that has been covered by so many other great bands over the years, this one takes on a slightly funkier flavour. I particularly enjoy the spirited keyboard section in the middle.

Their next song is truly a gift for the residents of Parkdale, because of the Rhino reference and the attitude that could go on inside this wonderful establishment. The “Segroni Sway” will have you dancing in a most provocative way all the way until the end of the evening.

Their next original song, “Blue Train Loathin’”, is a break up song, a bad break up song. I love how they change the grove in this song; it is filled bitterness and fist shaking. The entire band brings a solid element to this song and really takes it home as they slam the door in your face.

The next two songs, I thought were really tough choices, because, “Everyday I have the Blues” is a staple from The King of the Blues- BB King. This one comes off a little too smoothly. The guitar solo had a hint of Jeff Healey in there and just when you thought this song could fizzle out, Veronica McNamee’s vocals finished this song off with the raw intention it needed all along.

Finally, I thought they were very foolish choosing this classic Black Sabbath song, “Changes”. A few years back an artist named Charles Bradley did this song, and it was the most heart wrenching version I ever heard, and he deserves to own this song. So to do a similar cover was musical suicide. I sat quietly and really tried to forget Charles’ version and focus on this one. This version was built on a sense of compassion and longing. Again, Veronica’s raspy vocals really did save this song and the band handled the second half of the song emotionally well.

I saw this band live recently and what I truly took away from them is if you are lover of early 1970’s music, this band has the talent to deliver that sound. I do look forward to see what they do next.

If you want to purchase this EP, simply go to

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