The Primal Note- The New Sound of Toronto

The Primal Note

Written by Joe Taylor

September 07, 2023

At 1141 Roselawn Ave the Primal Note Studio opened for business at the beginning of 2023. The owner Ben and I talked about how this new place will benefit the musicians of Toronto. First off, they have 13 rooms you can rent monthly for your band to practice. They even have a few rooms they rent by the hour if you just need a quick practice. They even want to create a Podcast room. They are just about finished a recording space for your band to record their next masterpiece. By the looks of it, this space should be ready in a few weeks.  I think what you musician are really going to love is they have a large space to hold live events at. I was just there to witness Suspensefest 2023 and it was a really special evening to see a bunch of new talent emerging in this city! They were even selling snacks at this event. If you are having trouble booking your band into a club, this would be a great alternative to that. They even have parking.

Ben spoke passionately about finding this building and converting into this new space for artist to work in. Ben let me know this is a great arena for many bands to get together and network. So if you are in a band and are planning your next big move, you can use this space to get your plans accomplished. This is a place where connections can be made and help artists to grow. This is a very important key if you are struggling as a band. It is a resource to help with your personal growth. Ben describes this as the third space. Think of it like going to talk to someone at a coffee shop. This works better because you are in a musical space and you have fewer distractions like strangers talking all around you at a corporate coffee shop. You can also use this space to shoot your next video. There is some lighting and a projector for some cool backdrops.

Here are a few images of The Primal Note:

So sit back relax and watch this video where you can get a first look at a new possible home to help you create the band you always wanted to be.

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