The Dave Murphy Party!

The Dave Murphy Party!

Since the Orbit Room closed about 4 years ago, it has recently resurfaced and is now part of the Redwood Theatre. The bands you use to love when you went to the Orbit Room have a new home here. One of those acts are the Dave Murphy Band. For a solid 23 year run, the Dave Murphy band has had music lovers dancing in the cramped space of the Orbit Room. When you had to the washroom, you had to squeeze by the horn section to get there. Now they have a new home and you don’t need to walk across the stage to get somewhere. In fact you have a large dance floor with plenty of elbow room. You could feel the delight in the room with all the loyal fans getting up and dancing the night away.

I spoke to a few of these people and they are true loyal fans. In fact one of the couple I talked to had the band play their wedding. Now that is a loyal fan! They looked overjoyed as they practiced some daredevil like moves on the dance floor. The dance floor was almost as entertaining as the band.

Well speaking of the band, Dave Murphy got on stage and began with his signature song, “Midnight train to Georgia”. This is a cover band, but they are simply one of the best cover bands you will ever see in this city. The Redwood was filled with people who wanted nothing more than dance until they couldn’t dance anymore. That’s what Friday night was made for.

Besides shiny happy people dancing the night way to artists like Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones, where they could have use a little more cowbell, the tightness of the band was very apparent. As I listened to Dave’s voice jump from genre to genre, I noticed his sound leans into Al Green meets Peter Cetera. It has a uniqueness that seems to fit every song he performs.

Some of the songs he did exceptionally well was, “Brick House”, “You can call me Al”, and “Sex Machine”. Other killer tunes were,” Picking up the pieces”, “Dance to the Music” and “Don’t stop til you get enough”.

Each band member had plenty of time to shine when the time is right, and they all looked like they were truly having fun with all of us. When the party was coming to the end, they went into the Blues Brothers, “Soul man”, with an extended jam and then teased the audience by telling them they were going to Asia for the next song. My best guess was, “One night in Bangkok” Nay they never play Bangkok! (Rush fans will appreciate that). Well to my surprise they pulled out Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”! Freakin’ KASHMIR! I felt like I was in a Wayne’s World movie banging my head in the car. Dave pulled off some amazing killer vocals as he wailed his way through this monster of a song.

He let us all go into the evening with James Brown’s classic, “I feel good”, and all the shiny happy people left a little shinier into the night because that is how you start a great weekend!

Stay tuned to see who will be filling up the dance floor next at The Redwood Theatre.

Here are some images of Dave Murphy:

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