Getting Served on the Danforth

Getting Served on the Danforth

Through sleet, snow, wet weather, it doesn’t matter Service Animals set up their gear inside Press Vinyl Café and like Field of Dreams, they came. Plenty of people came in the nasty weather to see a band that is making a name for themselves these days. Service Animal is their name and like a good companion they brought their unique sound to the masses.

They are a progressive rock band that has plenty of songs to complete a full evening of music. Since they played an intimate space, they stuck with the gentler side of their music. It was great music to reduse your stress and to get over hump day.  They created moments of lying in the grass and just staring up at clouds on a lazy day. There were moments I could hear them channeling a favourite band from my past call Renaissance that was big in the 70’s.

They performed a song called, “Into the Ocean”, and it was totally worth the dip into the deep blue energy of this swimmingly mellow song. Another great tune was called, “Worth While Waste” (of time). Again it brought you back to the days of lying under a big tree and spending hours with your best friend. They did hit up with a dance tune from Metric, called “Just the Once”. If you were in a dance mood this was the time to cut loose inside a record store.

The last two songs were my personal favourites from the evening. “Invisible”, seemed to be a song that just wanted to be left alone.  “Disconnected”, seemed to be a small voice from a distant place just floating in the cosmos looking for some kind of connection. This band knows how to get very cerebral when they want to be. They finalized the show with an epic rocker called “Intermission”, This is a perfect song to end the evening with…until next time.

Come out to Press Vinyl Café and discover a new band. Big Squeeze will be that band and they look forward to giving everyone a huge hug with their songs.

Here are some images of Service Animals:

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