The 905’s – Sub-Zero

The 905’s – Sub-Zero

The 905’s combine everything we love about Canadian Punk from the early 1980’s. They seem to hit the mark just right as Punk Rock was starting to go mainstream and lean into the New Wave sound that was to come next. It is a very precise point in our musical history. The 905’s seem to catch that moment very well. The lead singer Andy Butler has that classic 80’s voice to fully elaborate on what this band is trying to accomplish.

This record is very riff oriented, so if you like AC/DC, The Clash, The Who, Teenage Head, this will fit into your collection well. The opening track, “Cardboard World”, has a glorious opening that will immediately suck you in for the ride. The question, is this recycled punk? Get the record and find out.

There are anthems for girls with,” Prowling Pretty Creatures”, and anthem for boys, “Push them aside”. We even have songs for the loners out there with,” Never Understand”. All of these songs are quite moshable. Is that even a word? In punk language I would say YES!

“Low”, starts off side two with a solid rock to the face, Sex Pistols style. “Highly Combustible”, continue with this smash and grab rocker that jumps into the fire and then explodes.

The record seems to fit both the youth of today who need punk in their life, not the fake punk you hear on the radio. It even appeals to the original punkers that grew up on these sounds. They give you a feeling of nostalgia as you put your fist through one of the windows in your place.

This band stands on the side of injustice passing you the angst of making your mark in this world. They finish with, “Down at the local”, a great song about belonging and have your own piece of heaven in this rocky world.

The other reason for owning this record is the really cool green vinyl is has been pressed on.

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