Sing at Nathan Phillip Square

Sing for Ukraine

Written by Joe Taylor

May 30, 2022

If you were walking by City hall at 12:30 Thursday afternoon, you may have encountered beautiful harmonious sounds. We what you were listening to is a premiere of SING! I went down to support my friends from Estonia Music Week and to my surprise I came across two other amazing acts.

First up was a duo team consisting of Dylan Bell and Suba Sankaran called Free Play. The level of looping and singing acappella completely caught me by surprise. How are they able to sing every instrument and sing the song and loop it so flawlessly? It was like watching a true magician honing his fine skills.   You have to check them out. I will also be reviewing their brand new CD very soon, so you will have a better understanding on the magic these two bring to the party. I loved their version of a famous Beatles song. What song you ask? Well go check them out and find out.

Here are some images of Free Play:

Up next was, Sing for Ukraine. No need to explain this band and its purpose. What I enjoyed was how they explained these traditional songs and to see the gentler side of Ukrainian people. They sang about happy birds and sad birds. They finished off the set with a celebratory song that usually contains vodka. I think Nathan Phillip Square would frown on a bunch of people openly doing vodka shots. The sediment was purposeful because not only were we standing in solidarity but celebrating the existence of such a beautiful country and its people.

Here are some images of Sing for Ukraine:

We finished off this premiere send off with Collegium Musicale. This Estonian choir sounded heavenly, but every choir review would say the same thing. They chose to sing about being a wedding guest and the image they painted with their voices created a surreal painting with a full rich experience as if you were inside the same room they were singing about. You got to experience what it feels like to be a wedding guest at this soiree.

Here are some images of Collegium Musicale:

For an hour of free music at City Hall, they convinced me to perpetuate their message and to go to as many events as you can. Please check out the listing of artists and event here…

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