Simply: Kill Sid

Simply Kill Sid

Written by Joe Taylor

March 16, 2017

I got to sit down with Kill Sid at one of their favourite places, Sneaky Dees, and got to know this punk rock outfit a little more. Kill Sid consists of Mike Miller on Guitar/Vocals, Doug MacKinnon on Lead Guitar/Vocals and George Lopes on Drums/Vocals. Mike and George met in college back in 2003 and began to play together a year later. They got drunk several times to see if they had the chemistry for a band. 14 years later their drunken escapades seem well intact. They even admit to have the Spinal Tap luck. They are on their 6th Bass player. The last one may have choked on someone else’s vomit, but you can’t dust for vomit. Their sound have grown faster and heavier over the last 14 years. They have some Heavy Metal in their sound. I would know when I saw them do a Black Sabbath cover a while back.

The name Kill Sid came from some misinterpreted lyrics by a band called Termonegro. It was the song, “What is Rock”. Mike wanted to originally call the Band,” Kill Sid and the Nancy Boys”. The rest of the members did not want to known as the Nancy Boys. What Termonegro really said was,” Kill City”, which was a reference to Iggy Pop’s CD of the same name.

BT- What bands have influenced you over the years? I will just put a list here for you to read.

Sonic Youth
Dinosaur Jr
Robert Johnson to Emperor- That covers about 100 years of good music.

I asked what they are listening to right now, and the answer were interesting:

Weird Tales, Box set by Ramones
Courtney Barnett
Queens of the Stone Age
Eagles of Death Metal
The Royal Blood

BT- Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

KS- Bass Player #7. If we stayed where we are right now, I think we would be pretty happy because we are playing shows regularly.  There are a lot of cool venues around town and out of town. Once in a while we open for really goods act like Dayglo abortions or D.O.A. I keep a journal and write down each show we played, right from the very first show and keep notes about it: The band jumps in,”Corey fucked up”, hahaha…

BT- Discography wise what do you have out?

KS- The Gravelings, is not available, but I have it in my garage. The original band was Debaser and I goggled it and there were like 18 bands called that. We have two EP’s out right now. The latest one, “Lincoln County Sessions”, we have John Dinsmore on Banjo. There’s a big fart at the end of the song. We recorded at Lincoln County Social Club. It was at John’s home and he has many different instruments to try.

BT- Where is your favourite place to play right now?

KS- The last place we played, the reincarnation of Rancho Relaxo. It’s now Stop Drop and Roll.

BT- Yeah I was just there a few days ago.

KS- I love the sound guy there. He is also at Cherry Cola’s. I don’t know his name, I think its Corey. I could actually hear every instrument clearly. The other place I like to play is Cherry Cola’s.

BT- What would be your dream venue to play?

My dream venue would be Massey Hall, the other two members want to play the Opera House.

BT- If you had to open for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

KS- Alive it would be Queens of the Stone Age, dead, it would be Nirvana, Jeff Buckley. AFI, are they dead or alive? Their alive but their career is dead. For me I have to say Turbonegro or Moony Suzuki.

BT- Sooo….any good Spinal Tap stories?

KS- We had a girl in the audience that was yelling us between songs and Doug, was silly enough to answer her. That was kinda dumb. She said something and then I went into a story, that people couldn’t really hear me, about how someone helped his mother kill herself. That was the only thing the audience heard was, “Kill Yourself”! Then she got up on stage, grabs the mic and told everyone to be nice to each other. Then right after that we went into an instrumental and we let her sing: and she can’t even sing. She couldn’t stand either, she kept falling down. She was clearly on drugs. Then as we were packing up, she kept staring at with a blank look in her face.

BT- What was your most memorable gig?

KS- We opened for a band from Oregon, called Black Pussy. Yeah, they are a great band. They came back through this area and played Cherry’s, and somehow we got on the bill again. Now the joke is, we are the official opening act for Black Pussy. Their sound is like 70’s stoner rock. They get people protesting their shows. Another memorable show was when we played CBGB’s.

BT- If you don’t know about this New York Club, you clearly know nothing about Punk!

KS- That was fuckin’ awesome, it was in 2006. When I saw the playbill and while living in London, I had it framed and matted and hung it above the toilet. Where everyone else has their Grammy’s and Oscar’s, we have that in our place of honour. If we ever get big enough, where people want to see our shit that we go through, there is some really cool footage of that journey. They gave us free booze and we took advantage of it. We all got wasted, buuuut the Bass Player…

BT- He probably died of alcohol poisoning and he was your third Bass Player…

KS- It was our third Bass Player!

BT- Hahahahaha….

KS- Funny you mention that. He tried to lose an arm to get out of the band. He got hit by a train and his arm exploded.

BT- WHAT! That is Spinal Tap, man! You are going to need to write a book soon, based on your Bass Players and become successful on that alone.

To see Kill Sid they are playing Stop Drop and Roll- 300 College St on March 17th. For more info on this band go  to

To see Stop drop and Rolls events go to…

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