Paul James’ 66th Birthday Bash!

Paul James’ 66th Birthday Bash!

Like a classic maverick racing across a barren landscape called the blues, a place where today’s youth does not understand, Paul James emerges to celebrate his 66th birthday. He looks great and energetic and ready to show his followers a good time. Paul was not on stage to showcase his new material or protest the latest outrage this world has to offer. Instead he rips and roars into a flurry of classic rock and blues standards. The congregation of the Phoenix club moves and grooves to the great past energy of Bo Diddley, Dr John, Elvis Presley, and the Rolling Stones, just to mention a few.

Paul James strayed away from his classic rockabilly format and played every kind of blues style ever created. He played songs like “Shake your money maker”, “Caledonia”, “Red hot Mama”, and “Nadine”.

Paul is no one trick pony. He has been entertaining audiences for nearly 50 years and has built a repertoire of moves that has the audience dancing and partying the night away. First, you have to love when he goes into his spins, then plays guitar behind his head and then play slide guitar with anything nearby, like a mike stand or a beer bottle.

Paul did go back in time and played some of his original material from the early 70’s era, like one of the favourites, “Take it easy”. Not the Eagles version…

Paul invited many friends to celebrate, so the stage was a constant buzz of happy musicians. Paul’s band consisted of: Gary Gray on Keyboards, Michael Theodore on Bass, and Paul Armstrong on Drums. His special guest consisted of:

Sweet Sue on percussion and vocals

Adrian Vecchiola on drums

Robbie Rhubarb on drums

Galea Galea on Bass

Chris Murphy on Sax

Howard Moore on Trumpet

There was even a fun moment when Sweet Sue pulled out a cape and placed it on Paul. I called this moment, “The Paul James Brown finish”. Such a fun time. Paul later admits he has never done that before which make the evening that much more special. How can you take this man seriously? You don’t, that is the real answer. Paul even left the stage to go down to the bar, still playing mind you, to get his birthday drink. He swilled back his beer and used the bottle as a slide tool. Now this is a party!

Paul finished this ultra fun evening with songs like, “Gloria”, “Jailhouse Rock”, and “Bye Bye Bye”. Paul later let me know he really want to put out a heartfelt thank you to, Randy Charlton for hosting, yet another successful Birthday Party. He wanted to let the people at the Phoenix, like the light man, the monitor guy, the sound dude and the security, that they made a great impact on such a night!

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  1. Oh, what a magical birthday, Paul James! The energy that Paul brings to the stage is absolutely magical! He’s a showman, a gymnast, a musician extraordinaire. I don’t know where Paul gets the energy? For me, his show is full of magic because he makes you feel like you’re playing a part in his concert, whether you’re singing or dancing. I look forward to the next Paul James concert – and a belated Happy Birthday Paul! Paul, you know how to rock a party! Woohoo!

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