Blast Spotlight on Mike Milan Dedic

Mike Milan Dedic 1

Written by Joe Taylor

January 14, 2017

Mike Milan Dedic grew up in the west end of Toronto and started his guitar playing at the age of 12. He is completely self- taught. I think like any self-taught musician there will be a ton of different influences. So Mike put some of his favourites down on paper. People like,

Uli RothMike Milan Dedic 2

Rand Rhodes

Eddie Van Halen

Richie Blackmore

Yngwie Malstreem

Mike has currently released three recordings,

The Pleasure’s Yours- 1987 on Axis records(Vinyl release)

Fingerfood album- 1995 on Marshmallow records

His current release is his self titled album (Mike Milan Dedic)

BT- Can you describe your musical style?

MMD- It is so difficult for me to pinpoint my own musical style as I play the way I feel like playing. I recent months I have been humbled by generous music reviews on my Self-titled EP. Musical journalists from around the globe seem to be drawn to strong comparisons like that of Malstreem and Satriani. I am perfectly OK by that, as those are two extremely talented guitar players. To be compared to them is a privilege.

BT- What are you listening to right now?

MMD- You know, I really don’t listen to anything specifically. I like all genres of music. I draw inspiration from whatever catches my attention. If I hear something I like, I zero in.

BT- Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

MMD- I’d like to be collaborating more with other musicians and expanding my guitar contributions to different kinds of music.

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