Päter- Sole

Päter- Sole

Päter is a young Torontonian singer/songwriter with a lot of character. I recently was watching her during these Covid times and she challenged herself to write a lot of songs in a short period of time. 30 in 30 days to be exact. Her creative process was fast and furious and her style varied from song to song. She seemed to capture the essence of a song and breathe some life into it pretty fast.

Recently I came across her first EP and began listening to it. I was curious to see which songs she chose to put out there first. What peaked my curiosity was that she gave each song it own style and purpose to get her ideas and messages across. The songs are young and fresh, but not fully formed. In today’s world of getting the music out there fast, artists could lose the sight of staying with a song and nurture it until it grows into its full potential. This is not a knock against this EP, just an observation of a lot of the music I am now listening to and reviewing.

Päter starts with probably the most fun song I have heard in a while called,”Dam,Damn”. It is fun and quirky. It reminds me of early KD Lang before she went into her pop sound. It has a mix of Country, Gospel, Pop energy that flies like a kite in a good wind.

“Sleep”, is still in the Country Pop range but it has a whimsical sway to it. Its full sound helps  you turn off the world and float away for a while. Then you get a one minute interlude of a cabaret style song that will have you snapping your fingers like Bob Fosse.

“Public Relations”, is a sweet love letter to those people who are a solid support system. The sound and message is simple, but the feeling you receive is of upmost importance.

Yanvo is one of those songs that is also simple and is in need of more attention to the arrangement. The fills could be fuller and the sounds needs a tweak of refinement, but the ending is very good.Päter finishes off with, “They love you”, this is a song full of character and flavor. It is soft and warm and has that Pater touch.

Päter’s voice is very pleasant and made for young listener to grow with her. Her arrangements are clear and organized. Her groundwork has a solid foundation and only has room to grow. Her pop sensibility is there and her imagination has only just begun. Pater will be someone you want to watch out for as her music diversity flourishes.

Here are some images of Päter:

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Here is a video of Päter who took a 30 day challenge and wrote a minute of a song a day. It’s pretty creative stuff.



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